A Pixel Watch prototype, Google’s smartwatch, is left in a bar, images leak

Much like the iPhone 4, Apple’s 2010 flagship, was leaked after being left in a bar, Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch was apparently lost and found in a restaurant. In a Reddit post, a member who goes by the name of “Tagtech414” said: I’m the guy who leaked the Pixel Watch. I will not be making any posts or responses regarding the Pixel Watch at this time. I don’t want to say more at the moment because I don’t know how it will end. I decided to contact a medium to spread the images because I thought they would have a wider reach. Now that most of the information is available, I thought I’d open the debate with a few questions, he adds.

It looks like the Google Pixel Watch is due in the next few months. It must be said that in recent months Google has become a major player in the connected watch industry. Not only has the company partnered with Samsung to merge Wear OS and Tizen, but Google has also acquired Fitbit, one of the world’s leading smartwatch makers, for $2.1 billion.

In its post on Reddit, Tagtech414 specifies:

My friend is the one who found the watch. He is the bartender at the restaurant where she was left behind. They held him for a few weeks hoping that the people who left him would come back, but that never happened. He gave it to me because I’m the tech nerd and he left it to me.

The reason why the straps are not attached in the photos is simple: my friend forgot to give them to me with the watch. They were packaged separately and he forgot to bring them, so he sent me pictures of them for the article (note the background is different). I’ll get them from him at some point and post a picture of the whole package.

There was no charger and the battery was dead. The picture with the ‘G’ logo was taken by my friend the day he found it. It had a light load at the time, but it only booted to this screen, suggesting that there isn’t a full operating system loaded.

Unfortunately the device doesn’t really work. No one knows how to recharge it and it could be wiped remotely anyway. Keep in mind that these are photos of a prototype, not the final model, and this watch was lost and found for “several weeks” before it hit the internet.

We still have a good overview of the material. Google’s smartwatch is a thick little circle of glass. The top glass cover is the widest part of the watch’s circle and appears to be designed to look like the top “half” of the watch. In fact, it’s only a third the depth of the watch, making it look thinner than it is.

A silver ring initiates the lower cone of the watch, with two large slots for the detachable and exclusive watch strap. Something strange is going on with these bracelet links. Both have black inserts and one (and only one) side has a set of four gold pogo pins. Nobody knows what they are for. It could be a data connection, some kind of smart bracelet, but watch straps don’t have corresponding pogo pins to connect.

It could be the world’s craziest charging solution, which would require removing a strap to power the watch. It could also be a simple quirk of the prototype that allows a USB connection for flashing. The silver center section houses a rotating digital crown and like the Apple Watch, it also has an additional button on the right side that doubles as a rotating crown, while the left side features a speaker and microphone.

Unlike the Apple Watch, Google’s smartwatch would be round with no physical edges. Like the Apple device, it would measure health and activity data. On the bottom of the watch is a heart rate monitor (the four sensor slots in the middle) and an ECG sensor (the two large silver halves). There is also “lorem ipsum” alt text on the perimeter of the clock.

This leak gives us a great look at the Pixel Watch’s physical design, but doesn’t answer many of the crucial questions people have about Google’s first watch. It’s still unclear which SoC will be used, and we don’t know if Google’s version on Wear OS 3 (without Samsung’s heavy influence on the Galaxy Watch 4) is any good.

The watch would have a heart rate monitor and offer basic health monitoring features like step counting. It is not yet known whether the Pixel Watch can measure oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2), electrocardiograms (ECG) or even measure blood pressure. Hopefully we’ll know more about the Google Watch by June.

And you?

Eagerly awaiting the release of Google’s Pixel Watch?

What are your expectations of this connected watch?

Do you think Google has the resources to compete with Apple in this space?

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