Yvan Cournoyer sees a good road runner in Cole Caufield.

Something has certainly stood out since the new ice hockey administration moved in at CH: We want to give the former Canadians back an important place within the organization. It was precisely for this reason that the Habs organized an alumni dinner a few weeks ago.

Finally, all of these great players that have evolved for the Habs have knowledge that deserves to be shared with the members of the current edition of the team.

Of the crowd, there are obviously those road runnerYvan Cournoyer, considered an attacker who, despite his small size, was so dynamic and fast that he managed to create an attack.

Doesn’t that remind you of a current player, does it? Someone like Cole Caufield, for example?

In fact, Cournoyer and Caufield recently had a chance to chat a little and during that conversation the 78-year-old admitted to Caufield that he saw a “good one”. road runner ” in him.

Apparently a little touched by Cournoyer’s comments, Caufield replied that he tries to draw inspiration from his game and appreciates being in touch with him in the organization.

Later in the interview, Cournoyer even says (jokingly) that if Caufield ever needed help with the power play, all he had to do was give him a call and he would come and help him. I admit, this one made me laugh a little.

But beyond all those good words from both sides (the video lasts five minutes, but we can imagine the interview took a little longer), what I like to see is the respect the two men have for each other. On the one hand Cournoyer is convinced that Caufield will do great things in Montreal and that he will have a chance of winning there, on the other hand Caufield seems really honored to be able to benefit from the knowledge of a legend of the game. ‘Organization.

It reminds me of the interview Caufield had with Steve Shutt last year at the end of the season.

In short, a beautiful moment between the past and the present (which is also the future) of the organization that I invite you to listen to (I give it to you) as a whole HERE). Hopefully we can see more moments like this in the years to come.


– For comparison, CH had Mathieu Perreault on the third row in the last game of the season. Nothing against Perreault, who I appreciated very much, but we understand why the Panthers were number one in the league while the CH waited at number 32.

I personally agree yes.

– Uncertainty surrounding Brian Dumoulin.

– Jason Spezza isn’t too concerned about the complicated travel for teams playing in Canada.

– It has the advantage of being clear.

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