“Spining” human rights violations in Ukraine

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatovic on Saturday condemned the “staggering” violations of human rights and international humanitarian law by the Russian army in Ukraine after a four-day visit to Kyiv and its region.

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“The scale and seriousness of the violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that took place after the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine are staggering,” Mijatovic said in a press release.

“The names Boutcha, Borodianka, Irpin or Andriivka symbolize the terrible deeds that were committed here,” continued the commissioner, whose visit was not announced for security reasons.

“Unfortunately, its residents are not alone in their suffering. There are many more people across Ukraine who have suffered unspeakable atrocities. Each of them deserves justice and must not be forgotten,” she added.

“I call on states to continue to support the investigative and prosecution efforts in any way they can, and to coordinate them closely with the Ukrainian authorities, civil society and the International Criminal Court,” Ms. Mijatovic said.

The commissioner visited several locations outside of Kyiv, which “all suffered from artillery fire, heavy fighting and brutality by Russian forces,” the statement continued.

A “painful illustration of the magnitude of these gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, with mounting evidence of indiscriminate killings, torture and mass enforced disappearances,” said the statement from the Council of Europe, which is responsible for human rights across the continent.

Russia left days after attacking its Ukrainian neighbor while a majority of the 46 other member states prepared to exclude it.

Ms. Mijatovic further pointed to “the targeted attacks by Russian forces on civilians and journalists” as well as “the increasing reported cases of sexual violence by Russian soldiers”, the “reports of numerous missing persons” or even “the torture and treatment” in particular of “local Ukrainian officials”. .

“Even in times of war, human lives and human rights must be protected… Civilians and civilian infrastructure must not be attacked. Captured soldiers and those who surrender, the wounded and the sick, must all be treated fairly and humanely,” stressed Ms. Mijatovic.

During her visit, the commissioner met several Ukrainian officials and politicians, as well as human rights defenders or members of NGOs, according to the press release.

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