SAQ: Baileys tops the charts

Some Baileys coffee? The 1.14-litre Irish Cream was the Quebecers’ favorite in the second year of the pandemic, managing to dethrone Kim Crawford’s white wine.

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In the last few days, the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) has unveiled its top 50 most popular products in 2021-2022 for its Budget Research. This classification consists of 27 wines, 22 spirits and one champagne.

However, some products are listed multiple times due to the different bottle sizes offered. Bottles sold through the network of wholesalers and grocers are also taken into account.

It’s the first time in four years that Kim Crawford’s Sauvignon Blanc hasn’t made it to the top step of the podium. This New Zealand wine was ranked #2and Position. Yet it remains the most sought-after wine product by Quebec consumers.

At 3and and 4and Rank we find Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (1.14 liters), whose price increased from $40.50 to $41.25 in 2021, followed by Smirnoff No.21 Vodka, which also rose by $0.75 to $36.75 $ rose.

A champagne in the top 10

According to University of Ottawa professor and marketing specialist Luc Dupont, the enthusiasm for these spirits can be explained in particular by the numerous advertising campaigns during the pandemic.

“We’re still talking about certain classics,” he continued protocol Mr. DuPont. “It reminds us that the world of alcohol in general has never been more competitive,” he added.

The latter believes that due to changing consumer habits – people are looking for less sweet products – companies have to work twice as hard to stay on top.

The top 5 most popular products were completed with the organic rosé wine Pive Gris. He was seventh on the charts in 2020-2021.

On the red side, the top-selling wine was Liano, but it fell two places in the space of a year.

In addition, Veuve Clicquot champagne was included in the SAQ’s top 10 best sellers. Obviously, the $2.50 price increase for this product didn’t dampen enthusiasm. The price for a bottle is $76.25.

The Absent

For Quebec products, even if distributed during the pandemic, no wine or spirits mention Origine Québec or Préparé au Québec in the 50 best sellers.

A dozen products with the “Bottled in Quebec” logo, such as Coureur des Bois and Romeo’s Gin, have nevertheless managed to carve out a spot.

Remember that the SAQ has increased its prices three times in the last year, partly due to the explosion in shipping costs. Only five products in the top 50 do not cost more today.

In the coming weeks, the Crown group wants to raise the prices for certain wines and spirits again.

By way of comparison, the SAQ states that “nearly 70% of wines and 80% of spirits and holiday products sold […] are at prices equal to or lower than those in Ontario.

The 10 bestsellers in the SAQ

With restaurants closed for several weeks last year, the SAQ continued to do well. Here are Crown Corporation’s 10 best-selling products in dollars for the 2021-2022 fiscal year ending in late March.

1. Baileys the Original (1.14L), $40.75

2. Kim Crawford Wine, Sauvignon Blanc, $20.15

3. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (1.14L), $41.25

4. Vodka Smirnoff No.21 (1.14L), $36.75

5. Organic rosé wine Pive Gris, $16.40

6. Liano Sangio./Cab Sauv. Umberto Cesari Rubicone, $27.35

7. Carpineto Dogajolo Toscana, $16.90

8th. The Jamelles Sauvignon Blanc Pays d’Oc, $13.60

9. Le Bonheur Chardonnay Simonsberg-Stellenbosch, $16

10 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut, $76.25

♦ Notes: This SAQ ranking is based on the products that have made the most dollars for the government company. This table does not take into account the number of liters sold. These are wines and spirits available in the SAQ and through the food wholesaler network.

Source : SAQ

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