occitania. Tiger mosquito: improved surveillance

From Le Progres Saint-Africain

May 07, 2022

For several years, the tiger mosquito has been established and active throughout the Occitania region, so the Regional Health Agency (ARS) announces in a press release the implementation of a “reinforced surveillance system from May 1st to November 30th” in collaboration with the health authorities and their partners , “to limit their establishment and prevent the risk of introducing viruses that they may be carriers of (dengue fever, chikungunia, Zika).

This system is based on 3 axes: increased surveillance of mosquito populations (entomological surveillance), raising awareness of people living in areas where these mosquitoes are present and active. Controlling these mosquitoes and their larvae is one of the most important ways to avoid virus transmission. It is a reflex to appropriate at home to protect collectively. And increased medical surveillance of human cases of diseases that this mosquito can transmit.
This surveillance mobilizes health workers across the region to promptly report any patient exhibiting symptoms of dengue, chikungunya or Zika to the regional health authority. In case of confirmation of a suspected case and after an entomological examination to prove the presence of tiger mosquitoes, insecticide treatment is organized in the places where the patient passes.

A strong presence of the tiger mosquito in Occitania

In Occitania, according to the ARS, “1,964 communes of the 4,454 communes in the region (44%) are colonized, representing 88% of the regional population, ie almost 5.5 million inhabitants. »
The ARS advises travelers to tropical areas to be vigilant on site and upon return. In Occitania, the majority of reported cases (dengue fever) in 2020 concerned travelers returning from overseas departments and regions affected by a dengue epidemic. “Fewer cases were identified in 2021 due to travel restrictions. Presumably there will be more travel this year: vacationers, when you return, remember to continue your active protection by using effective repellents for 7 days after your return, and maintain your most unfavorable environment for tiger mosquito reproduction. »

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