Hunt for Frédérick Silva | The friendly new customer was… a policeman

A young investigator who, unbeknownst to her, uses a magistrate’s signature stamp to obtain a bogus warrant, an undercover agent who poses as a bandit to reach Frédérick Silva at any cost, another who goes to the client, then to the Friend and even confidant of the hitman’s wife.

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Daniel Renaud

Daniel Renaud
The press

The police went to great lengths to corner Frédérick Silva, too much to the liking of his lawyer Mand Danièle Roy, who filed a motion for abuse of procedure but which was denied by Judge Marc David of the Superior Court.

On Friday, Silva admitted prosecutors’ evidence was conclusive in the murder of a Montreal strip club customer who was killed in May 2017, thereby eschewing the trial he soon faced.

He will be officially found guilty in two weeks, but in the meantime Judge David has lifted the publication bans on allegations that have been debated in recent months.

After that murder in May 2017, Silva became one of Quebec’s 10 most wanted criminals. Almost two years later, in February 2019, he was finally arrested.

He killed three men during his run in the fall of 2018, murders for which he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 25 years after first acknowledging the evidence in the middle of a trial the prosecution was conclusive.

a hair’s breadth away

A week after this killing in May 2017, police spotted Silva at the Cosmodôme cinema in Laval while following his wife and members of the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) Tactical Intervention Group (GTI) were in the near to intercept him. But the fugitive saw a formed police car, made several illegal maneuvers with his vehicle and managed to escape from them.

After this missed opportunity, research stalled. The SPVM then sent a first agent to Silva’s spouse, posing as an individual from an organization wishing to get in touch with Silva.

In August 2017 he tried in vain to give Silva’s wife a mobile phone so that she could call him back.

He also left a wreath with another phone at her home for the same purpose. It was more of an accomplice of Silva’s who called him back and told him to stop his efforts.

The undercover agent enters the crime scene

The following October, a new customer showed up at a nail salon in the northern Montreal suburbs where Silva’s wife worked and asked to be served by her. The current flowed immediately between the two women.

But that customer was actually SPVM Undercover Agent AI-33 742.

In total, she went to Silva’s house eight times to make an appointment with her wife.

From their second meeting, Silva’s wife told her new friend about a man she would like to meet. In order not to damage her cover, the policewoman made an appointment and met the person in a café, but the affair had no continuation, one suspects.

“She finds her life difficult”

Such was the trust that in January 2018, Silva’s spouse told the double agent that his situation was complicated.

She tells me that her spouse has a job that is not conventional, that he does jobs, but she doesn’t know which ones.

The agent doubles in his notes filed in court

“She says it’s not easy being the wife of a guy like that and she doesn’t have many friends out of this life. She says that when her spouse leaves her, she doesn’t know where he goes and when he comes back, that this has been her way of life for 20 years, she has known nothing else and her spouse has always treated her like a queen. She mentions that it is not easy because the police harass her and she is stopped in her vehicle 2-3 times a week. She says that because of her husband, some people don’t want to come to her house anymore, including her cleaning lady. She has insomnia,” the officer continues in her court-filed notes.

“She finds her life difficult. She mentions that it will be almost a year since she hasn’t seen her spouse, that she hasn’t even spoken to him on the phone, that she doesn’t know when she’ll see him and that she’s at a loss,” notes the look-alike Agent after another meeting in May 2018.

In June 2019, the AI, Silva’s wife and a friend attended a performance by a well-known comedian. When Silva’s spouse insisted that the women take photos with the artist, the police officer hesitated. That was the end of the undercover operation.

“That last night, when she took my picture against my will, I started to think maybe she doubted me a little. Surely there were limits to how she gave herself to me. I know that she was not completely open in everything she did and in her attitude,” the police officer testified in court.

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A magistrate’s signature stamp stolen

During the investigation into Silva’s arrest, an investigator exiting her office used a magistrate’s signature stamp to obtain a false warrant, a technique rarely used by the police. This behavior was observed by Mr.and Danièle Roy in her motion for abuse of process, but Judge David concluded that even if the gesture was inappropriate and raised questions, the police officer had no ill intentions and the false warrant could have been obtained anyway. The magistrate also emphasized that the aim is to solve the most serious crimes of the penal code. However, this case is aggravated by Silva, who did not admit his guilt on the charges against him, precisely to protect his rights before the Court of Appeal. According to our information, the young police officer is the subject of an investigation by the Sûreté du Québec into allegations of a criminal nature, which is nearing completion. He is now entrusted with administrative tasks within the SPVM.

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