French Days 2022: Airpods Pro have problems with this promo

news good deal French Days 2022: Airpods Pro have problems with this promo

With its AirPods line, Apple has almost created a new market with its wireless headphones. Since then it’s been available in several models and remains the leader in its market, but there’s no shortage of competition and these BANG & OLUFSEN headphones, the Beoplay E8 3RD, might catch many people’s eye with its unbeatable price.

€200 off Bang & Olufsen wireless headphones for French Days 2022

The first version of his BEOPLAY was released in 2017. Since then, the manufacturer Bang & Olufsen has refined its formula. In 2020 this third version was presented, Adding microphones and increasing autonomy, the price then reached €349, a price that is still recommended today.

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But for a few days, with the French Days 2022, you can benefit from a hell of a discount. In fact, this model is discounted by no less than €200, bringing the price down to €149. A price that is close to Apple’s second generation AirPods and well below that of their direct competitors, the AirPods Pro.

Because the Danish history association actually intended to align this model in front of its bars. However, certain size differences could work against them despite the brand image among audiophiles. Let’s see what, in addition to the price, could interest buyers looking for a powerful model.

Bang & Olufsen hits hard for French Days 2022

We are here in the presence of in-ear headphones, which is why we wanted to compare them to the AirPods Pro for their ergonomics. However, fans will be slightly annoyed by the lack of active noise cancellation. because the latter is one of Apple’s great strengths.

However, there are points that can be credited to these BEOPLAY E8s. First, let’s get that straight in terms of manufacturing Bang & Olufsen has pulled out all the stops with its leather-covered aluminum case. It’s certainly anecdotal, but it can have its charms. The case uses USB-C or inductive charging and offers a full autonomy of 35 hours, for about 7 hours of uninterrupted listeningwhich is a very good autonomy for this type of product.

Buy Bang & Olufsen headphones for €149 at Son-Vidéo

Also note that there are four different sized attachments available to help your headphones best fit your ears. Four is also the number of microphones attached to your headphones. The latter is used for the transparent mode that allows you to hear your surroundings without removing your headphones, but also for the hands-free mode. To do this, add the home application that allows you to customize the audio playback of your headphones and we are approaching a product that certainly has competition but greatly expands its audience thanks to this promotion.

In summary, these headphones are certainly overpriced at €349 compared to their audio reproduction. but thanks to this €200 discount during French Days 2022, they will be much more interesting and you could treat yourself to Bang & Olufsen Sound known for its quality. Fans have reason to be happy.

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