Driving against a romantic background in the USA: the car of the two fugitives was found

US police on Friday said they were “back to square one” in their hunt for an “extremely dangerous” detainee who escaped a week earlier and his suspected accomplice, and announced the discovery of the vehicle that the two were in refugees had run away.

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Model prison officer Vicky White last Friday helped a longtime criminal, Casey White – the two are not related – escape from the Alabama prison where he was serving a 75-year sentence and was there waiting, apart from being brought to trial became murder.

This run against a romantic background fascinates Americans about the revelations day after day.


The rust-colored SUV the couple fled in was identified not far from Nashville, Tenn., about a two-hour drive from the jail, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said Friday during an arrest at a news conference.

The vehicle was indeed found abandoned and towed away on the same day of the escape, last Friday, without the pound officer realizing it was the car he was looking for.

It wasn’t until Thursday evening that she was identified.


“We’re kind of back to square one,” the sheriff said, explaining that he didn’t know what transportation Vicky White and Casey White used to continue their escape.

There was “nothing in the car” to guide the search, he also said, noting that there was “an attempt to repaint the vehicle.”

“It was a very well thought out plan,” he said. “We’re a little desperate.”


The Williamson County Sheriff, where the SUV was discovered, previously tweeted that there were “no signs that the two[wanted persons]are still in the area.”

Investigators also learned that Vicky White, 56, who sold her home in the weeks leading up to the escape, had withdrawn approximately $90,000 in cash from several area banks, Sheriff Singleton confirmed.

The investigation found she used a fake name to buy the SUV found Thursday and she will likely use that scheme again, Rick Singleton warned.

She could have dyed her hair too, the federal agency specializing in finding fugitives warned, airing a montage showing her with dark hair.

Police also released new photos of inmate Casey White, including one showing a tattoo tied to a white supremacist prison gang and depicting a Confederate flag, a symbol of the Southern United States’ slave past.

The bounty offered by authorities for information that could lead to the arrest of the two fugitives has been increased to $25,000, the sheriff said.

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