A third child for Jonas and his wife

In an interview on the pages of our magazine at the kiosk today, Jonas exclusively informed us that he and his partner Carmen are expecting a third child.

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My son Lennon is two years old, my daughter Gloriana-Pearl is nine months old and number three is coming in October. Being a father changes everything in my life, it’s wonderful and I love it,” he revealed.

Photo: Bruno Petrozza

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The birth of a third child was not planned, but the couple welcomes it as a nice surprise in life.

“It’s a blessing and we’re really happy. But it will be the last. We did the ultrasound yesterday, everything is fine and it looks good. Next week is vasectomy for me.”

When it came to quirky names like Lennon and Gloriana-Pearl, our reporter asked the singer if the parents had decided on their newest family member’s name yet.

“It has to make sense for us. For Lennon, it was in honor of John Lennon, who is an idol to me. To Gloriana-Pearl, Pearl was my maternal grandmother’s first name, she was British and we had a special bond, she and I. She taught me the waltz in her living room, she introduced me to the great pop singers. I would have liked to have met her with my children, but she died before my son was born. Gloriana is because my grandmother was a fan of the monarchy and Queen Elizabeth I was nicknamed Gloriana. So for our next child we also want something meaningful.”

Photo: Bruno Petrozza

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Read the full interview with Jonas in the latest issue of 7 Jours magazine, currently on newsstands or online at jemagazine.ca

Jonas has just started the tour Undivided across Quebec. For more information or to buy tickets: jonastomalty.com. The song keep me is available on digital platforms.

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