World premiere of Top Gun: Maverick

(San Diego) It’s been 36 years since Tom Cruise put on his aviator goggles and boarded a fighter jet to become a movie star top gun – and finally there is a sequel.

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“I was a little slow — sometimes I’m a little slow,” the star joked at AFP’s world premiere on Wednesday Top Gun: Maverickaboard a former US aircraft carrier in San Diego, Southern California.

Slow isn’t a word we normally associate with Tom Cruise, one of the world’s most famous actors, who landed on a red carpet from a helicopter at the event.

In his new film, which will be released May 27 in the US and Canada, elite pilot Maverick returns to the Navy’s Top Gun School to train the next generation of brave young aviators.

Among them is Goose’s son, Rooster, whose death in the first film still haunts Maverick as he prepares his charges for a dangerous mission.


Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise

“The sense of romance, the sense of adventure — it’s a world you want to be in,” says Tom Cruise of his return top gunat the age of 59.

“And of course there is always something to it in aviation. »

The 1986 film popularized the idea of ​​the “wingman,” a term used to describe a pilot who supports and protects and flies alongside another. For Tom Cruise, viewers were particularly sensitive to this close bond that binds members of the aviation world.

“The culture in this world is very unique… And it’s really interesting that people can understand these friendships,” he says.


Tom Cruise arrived aboard a helicopter dressed in the film’s colors.

Although the film opens with a nostalgic sequence aboard an aircraft carrier with a brief return of Val Kilmer alongside Tom Cruise, it is largely based around a cast of relatively unknown young actors.

“I knew from the start that I wanted to open the film in such a way that the audience could say, ‘You’ll get what you want, believe me,'” assures Tom Cruise.

This also includes technological advances such as combat drones, which the actor, who has long held a very real pilot’s license, says he has observed and analyzed for decades.

“It’s definitely an evolution,” he says.

“Always deeper”


Monica Barbaro

In Top Gun: Maverickfemale pilots join the elite squadron, including Phoenix, played by Monica Barbaro.

“I was able to learn from incredible aviators,” enthuses the actress, who trained with US Navy pilots.

“They’re smart, they’re smart, they don’t have to prove themselves aggressively. You are amazing. »

According to director Joseph Kosinski, if the navy was “suspicious” during the shooting of the first work, this time they gave their full support.


Miles Teller

“The people making the decisions in the Navy today are guys who joined because of the Navy in the 1980s top gun ‘ he continues.

The film largely eschews special effects, and the actors were filmed in the cockpits of fighter jets, where they were subjected to intense gravitational forces as the craft came perilously close to Earth’s surface.

Despite everything, Tom Cruise “kept going deeper and deeper,” says Joseph Kosinski.

“There’s a sequence in this film where we sunk so low, I guarantee you’ll never see anything like it again,” promises the director.

“He was still pushing… But I think he’s happy with the result. »

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