Survey | The idea of ​​returning to the office is on the rise

Is it the effect of spring? Still, the proportion of workers willing to return to the office is increasing, according to the most recent probe conducted at the request of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM).

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Andre Dubuc

Andre Dubuc
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A large majority (68%) of workers already visit their offices, either full-time or part-time. Almost every third worker even plans to return there five days a week.

The proportion of people working in the office is higher than in November 2021, when 61% of people returned to the office.

This is the 4thand Output of the Léger poll carried out as part of the campaign I like working downtown. The first took place in June 2021. The other two took place in August and then November of the same year. Just over 700 individuals, managers and employees whose place of work is on the island of Montreal, were surveyed. The interviews were conducted from March 15th to 18th.

60% of those who have already returned to the office are satisfied with the experience compared to the figure for the same question in November.

Spending over $100 per week per worker

When asked about the downtown services that workers most want to use once they return to work, lunchtime restaurants (73%), morning coffee (50%), shops (46%) and 5 à 7” (45%) is the most popular. “They also anticipate spending up to $106 per week on average,” says the document, which summarizes the survey’s highlights.

Among the aspects of the survey that are less positive about downtown revitalization, we find that potential public transport users remain fearful at 29%, down but still high.

A general effort must be made to reassure workers and all users so that they can return to the office in complete safety.

Extract from the CCMM document

For its part, telecommuting remains popular, albeit less practiced. Four out of five workers say they are satisfied with their teleworking experience. Among other things, it enables a better work-life balance.

“However, the study finds that teleworking poses a number of challenges for both workers and managers, the foremost being the loss of team spirit, cited by 34% of workers and 47% of managers. Bosses also complain about the loss of employee “engagement” and a lack of collaboration.

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    Increased pedestrian traffic in the city center since 01.01ah September 2021 from April 25, 2022

    Source: AVISON Young Vitality Index

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