Liberal Party of Quebec | It’s Paule Robaille’s turn to announce her departure

(Quebec) Departures from the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), which is bottom in the polls, are multiplying. The MNA for Bourassa-Sauvé, Paule Robitaille, is the tenth Liberal elected to announce that she will not seek a new mandate in the October 2022 election.

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Fanny Levesque

Fanny Levesque
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The departure of the ex-journalist follows a single mandate. The main prospect, elected in 2018, announced her decision on her Facebook page on Friday. “It’s probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. After weeks of deliberation, I announce that I will not be running in the October 3 elections,” she wrote on the social network.

The MNA for Bourassa-Sauvé was particularly affected by the war in Ukraine when she was a journalist covering the country’s independence. She expressed her emotional solidarity with the Ukrainian people in a motion tabled in the National Assembly on February 23. She comes back to this in her farewell message to her fellow citizens.

“And another event that has nothing to do with Montreal North also impressed me, a conflict in a region that has welcomed me for several years, the former Soviet Union. All of this made me reconsider my involvement and came to the conclusion that I wanted to get involved in a different way and thus find my individuality,” she underlines in a long publication.

The pandemic evidently marked his mandate when Montreal North was one of the metropolitan neighborhoods hardest hit by the health crisis. “During the first wave, when we were in the eye of the storm as cases skyrocketed, I raised the red flag and requested testing centers. My team and I have been fighting to have all the services to keep our citizens safe and to have the food aid we need,” the Liberal MP wrote.

The departure list is growing

His departure joins a long list of liberals who will not seek new mandates in the fall. That of Paule Robitaille was not to be expected at the PLQ. The formation, led by leader Dominique Anglade, fails to move the poll needle in their favor. The Liberals recorded disastrous results in April during the Marie-Victorin partial dispute.

Leader Dominique Anglade has also been open to criticism, while two political formations in defense of English-speaking communities have formed over the past month.

Monique Sauvé, Nicole Ménard, Jean Roussel, Christine St-Pierre, Hélène David and David Birnbaum have announced in recent weeks that they will not seek a new mandate in October. These departures come on top of those of Francine Charbonneau, Gaétan Barrette and Lise Thériault, who made their decision public last fall. Further departures are to be expected: Kathleen Weil, Pierre Arcand and Carlos Leitão have not yet publicly examined their political future.

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