Gary Bettman wants to keep his 16-team playoff model

The American League is trying something new this year: 14 teams must go through a series two of three before reaching the semifinals of the traditional division.

In short, seven of the 16 teams participating in this round already have two playoff wins behind the tie. The Rocket, who will open their series against Crunch tomorrow night in Syracuse, is one of nine other teams.

The two series get out of your division are/will out of three out of five (and not four out of seven) and the last two series, four out of seven.

In short, a team like Rocket could win the Calder Cup with just 14 wins (up from 16 before).

Several people believed that with this new project, the American League was serving as a laboratory for the NHL, and that Gary Bettman would emulate other professional playoff circuits — particularly hers and other leagues like the NBA and MLB — and add new teams to his endgames.

But beware! Gary Bettman reiterated yesterday that he has no intention of having more than 16 teams in the playoffs.

“The reason it’s so good is because the regular season and the playoffs matter. Having half of our eligible teams is the right balance. I think it creates great competition throughout the regular season and makes the games more meaningful. There’s nothing better than our playoffs. The Stanley Cup is the most difficult trophy to win and no sport has managed to match our first round. – Gary Bettman

Remember, when the first wave of COVID-19 returned, 24 teams had competed in the series in the Toronto and Edmonton bubbles.

Bettman believes his current format is perfect and he doesn’t want to switch just to change or to do like the others. It’s a pity for CH and its supporters, who still have to be patient…

Was Bettman just telling the truth, the whole truth? Not sure… it wouldn’t be the first time he hasn’t shared his thoughts with the media and fans.

Whether the draft in the AHL, as well as the changes in the NBA and MLB relateYou can rest assured that Bettman and his corridor consider implementation a entry round They also. But until proven otherwise, he’ll stick with it Status quo. Both in deeds and in words…

I personally would like to see 24 teams endgames in the NHL. It would give the Canadians and the city of Montreal more chances…

But since that would degrade the quality of the product – the 16 teams currently in the playoffs are in a league of their own compared to the other 16 – I can understand the league’s reluctance to change its formula. But hey, in the end it will most likely be the money that speaks again…

Will the NBA, a 24-team series, become more profitable? Gary Bettman will want to know soon…


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