Fitzgibbon is once again dodgy about his corporate ties

A day after announcing a $98 million investment in Polycor along with its CEO Patrick Perus, Secretary of Commerce Pierre Fitzgibbon remained unclear about his recent dealings with the company.

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“Ethically, it is always beneficial to be transparent in order to demonstrate the legitimacy of the transaction,” said Michel Séguin, professor and expert in ethics at UQAM.

Economy Secretary Pierre Fitzgibbon announced an equity investment in Polycor on Wednesday to “preserve jobs and corporate headquarters in Quebec.”

Later in the committee, he claimed Polycor CEO Patrick Perus called it “45 seconds,” “two or three months ago.”

“Mr. Perus called me one of the four times and said to me, ‘Is it possible that Investissement Québec [IQ] invest in society,” he answered a question from Liberal MP Marc Tanguay.

Did Mr. Perus register with the lobbyist register before making that call? Questioned by Le Journal yesterday, the minister’s office and Polycor declined to give the exact date of the call or details.

“The investment was negotiated directly between Birch Hill and the Investissement Québec (IQ) teams. There was no direct discussion with the minister on the matter,” Polycor assured via email.

“IQ heard about the opportunity to invest in Polycor because it was a large lawsuit with an investment bank. Polycor was contacted directly by IQ because the company is a success in Quebec and they, like Polycor’s management, wanted Quebec capital to flow into the transaction.

lobbying activities?

Polycor did not have an active mandate on the lobbyist register yesterday afternoon, nor did its president Patrick Perus. Polycor’s journal didn’t get an answer as to why.

However, if a company is found to be lobbying, the law requires it to register with the Quebec register for reasons of transparency, recalled in an interview with the protocol Lobbying Commissioner Jean-François Routhier.

Without getting Polycor wet, the commissioner reminded of the deadlines of the law.

“Lobbying is when you communicate with a public official to influence decision-making,” he explained.

“In the case of corporate or organizational lobbyists, the initial deadline for registration is 60 days after the activity,” he explained.

At the protocolJean-François Routhier said lobbyists who log in late could be prosecuted, according to an investigation by his organization.

– With the collaboration of Philippe Langlois

White Star in Paris, Immerse yourself in Las Vegas or even one Summer meeting with his then trustee Michel Ringuet… this isn’t the first time Pierre Fitzgibbon’s private relationships have raised questions.

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