First one-sided game for the Remparts

There were surprises in the QMJHL, but not in Quebec, on Thursday’s inaugural night of the playoffs. The Remparts made short work of the Chicoutimi Saguenéens to take a 1-0 lead with a 6-1 win in the best-of-five series.

The 44 ranking points that separated the two teams in the regular season surfaced in that first game, which the Red Devils also defeated 57-11.

The sags had almost chilled the 8,540 fans gathered at the Videotron Center from the opening moments of the first period, however, when Alex Newcombe hit the post on the right of Fabio Iacobo.

However, Yanick Jean’s troupe had to wait until April 16and minute to put his first “real” shot into the net. It was also the only one at that time.

Meanwhile, the Red Devils controlled most of the engagement, directing 12 shots at Kevyn Brassard without managing to thwart him, too often looking for the perfect play.

As Wayne Greztky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” and the Remparts have applied that phrase for the last two periods, targeting no fewer than 45 shots at Kevyn Brassard and Sergei Litvinov, the, band In the end she faltered.

Mikaël Huchette, Olivier Coulombe, Zachary Bolduc, Xavier Filion, Zachary Gravel and Louis Crevier scored


Over the past few days, the Remparts coaching staff has used several examples from the NHL playoffs to prepare their team.

The first: that of the Florida Panthers, who missed the first game of their series against the Washington Capitals despite their first place in the table.

“We wanted to make sure we stayed humble and respected the sags while playing the hockey we gotta play,” summarized Patrick Roy, who also capitalized on the Maple Leafs’ indiscipline in Game nOh 2 in the series against the Tampa Bay Lightning to warn his troops.

All year, the Remparts have emphasized their strength up front, showing on Thursday when four of the team’s six goals came from the team’s third and fourth rows.

“We know that, Zach [Bolduc] and Theo [Rochette] are our two big attackers and our punching power, but there are nights when it gets harder. You can’t always drag the team. This is where our depth makes the difference. We have four lines that can produce and that’s a big bonus for us,” Gravel summarized.


For his part, Sags head coach Yanick Jean didn’t look past twelve to two to explain Thursday’s loss.

“I felt like they made us burn a lot of energy. Yes, we wanted to stay indoors and be patient, but there is patience and patience. You have been given too much time and space. We’re gonna tell each other the real things, we’re playing a very, very good hockey team. They were ready and as the game went on I felt less like we could keep up. »

In the second game, when it was 3-1 for the Remparts, Chicoutimi had a golden chance to come back when Pier-Olivier Roy and James Malatesta were chased in the same sequence to give the visitors a 5-on-3 power play.

However, they could not take advantage of this.

“After that we fell apart. We had a chance to come back but we just didn’t play. Our players were in the wrong place and some tried to save the world on their own, telling themselves that since it didn’t work in the first twenty seconds, they would go and score the goal. That’s not the approach we want as a team. »

the game nOh 2 takes place on Saturday at the Videotron Center.

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