Dying Light: Players can upgrade to the Enhanced Edition for free

From today all players with Dying Light Standard Edition see hers Game automatically updated toimproved version. In order to download the additional content, players must start dying light and select the “DLC Packs” option from the menu and download any new content. If you have never played The following, Now is the best time to try it for free!

Players who own the base game will also receive:

  • The extension The following (includes a new story, map and a new vehicle)
  • The Bozak Horde
  • The skin pack crash test
  • L’Ultimate Survivor Pack
  • Kitchen & Cargo

Update 1.49

For players who already have thisimproved version, there is also good news with the brand new patch 1.49. tolga and fatthe eccentric tech twins, will offer their latest invention to players. In order to obtain the Awesome Gemini Blueprint, players must Take part in the Tolga and Fatin event and kill 7 different types of enemies in a given amount. The number of defeated monsters is added to that of other players and helps the community to defeat 10 million enemies to unlock King Mods.

The players can also travel back in time with the new DLC Dieselpunk that includes :

  • Chainsaw: Shredder (bleed effect, destroys enemy armor, high critical damage chance)
  • Machine gun: Gomina
  • Saw blade: Boner (medium bleed effect)
  • New Outfit: Diesel Beret
  • New Buggy Skin: Retro Roadster (Fuel Consumption -50%)

Check out the fantastic atmosphere of the Dieselpunk Pack in the trailer below:

The DLC Hellraid also gets a final update. It brings a large number of changes and improvements, including deathbringer the only firearm available in Hellraida revamped armory, new consumable crystals that offer unique upgrades.

Check out all the new features of the Hellraid DLC update in the trailer below:

And to end a long-awaited update to the mode be the zombie will enhance your PVP experience Thanks to the incredible community of dying light ! Over the last seven years and with the help of some of the most dedicated players, We improved the mode be the zombie and now it’s time for the final optimization!

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