Disturbing Climate of Violence: The Will Smith Effect?

This week the American comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage, in the middle of the show. His assailant was carrying a fake rifle with an integrated blade. Doesn’t that make you CA.PO.TER?

After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars for a bad joke, are we downplaying the fact of physically punishing someone who says things we don’t like?

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yesterday clean The newspaperwe handed the mic to various comedians, who chorused in the affirmation: “Nobody is safe from anything”.

We remember that Guy Nantel once presented his show under police surveillance. Quebec police arrested a man who had made death threats against him. Weapons were confiscated from his home.

If some comedians are more “consensual,” those who are more “controversial” aren’t immune. But at the same time, in 2022, you never know where the controversy will come from…

We don’t yet know what the motivations of the man who attacked Chappelle were… but we do know that Chappelle had spoken that evening about his security, which had been increased, and the attacks he said he had received the target was transgender people calling him transphobic.

This atmosphere of violence is disturbing in the realm of humor, but also in any area where people express uncomfortable opinions.

An example ? JK Rowling, who has received countless death threats. Why ? For daring to suggest that only women menstruate, remarks considered transphobic by some activists.

While she wasn’t physically assaulted, she was “cancelled”: When HBO did a two-hour Harry Potter special, she appeared for just 30 seconds…with archival footage. It’s not violent, is it?

Last week I spoke to QUB Radio about Jeff Fillion’s departure from CHOI Radio X. You should see the violent reactions on the internet. “You’re a pain in the ass. Hurry up to get out. Don’t be surprised to be bullied afterwards. Nobody will feel sorry for you. No one will cry at your funeral either!! It will be the party. »

“A GoFundme for you to go back to France, I would give $1000 if I left. »

“One day you’re gonna meet some crazy guy who’ll make you pay for all the shit you say.”

Columnists, politicians, artists who express opinions that Jean, Jacques or Jacqueline don’t like should all have the right to live in safety without being hit, attacked, threatened or insulted by a Tata.


Earlier this year, amid the controversy surrounding the singer-whose name I am not allowed to name-one netizen wrote to me: “I hope you get raped and hurt.”

I have filed a report with the police. A Ward 26 investigator called the individual at work and told them that if they repeated the offense they would be charged.

For example, all cops are far from bastards…

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