Cole Caufield shook hands with Dominique Ducharme (with a smile)

When the Canadians players turned out in large numbers for Guy Lafleur’s funeral, we all hoped that by being there they could learn from the rich history of the Canadians.

But in the case of Cole Caufield, the legacy of Guy Lafleur already seems to be a little bit in him. We have his father to thank for teaching him from a young age who the blonde demon was.

But at heart, Caufield is clearly a youngster who is learning how to behave quickly. He’s not a candidate for controversy, he’s more the guy who wants to sign autographs for fans (like last game on the ice when he was the only one to sign the shirts for the entire team) or speak French.

I’m thinking of “Goodnight Tampa” in particular.

But he’s also the guy who can keep going despite his young age. I am thinking here of an event that took place during Guy Lafleur’s state funeral.

The number 22 met Dominique Ducharme and the photos we see at the time suggest it went very well.

Obviously we know Caufield hasn’t been very good this year under Ducharme. However, it is clear that we now identify more with the guy who scored 22 goals in 37 games under Martin St-Louis and that his start of the season is far behind us.

If he had been a marabout before his former coach, things would have looked bad… but he has credit for acting that way. I hope he isn’t the only one who did it at CH (Carey Price would be involved) because stories of arguments with the manager at Lafleur/Lemaire or Roy/Tremblay shouldn’t drag on.

I don’t think it would have been that kind of Jeff Petry, but he solved the problem by choosing not to show up for the ceremony to remember #10.

It was probably not easy for Dominique Ducharme to be there less than three months after his release, but he has credit for showing up anyway.


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