Apple is looking for a way to stop you from driving drunk

Apple is one of the most understated companies in the tech industry. But while he rarely mentions his projects, there are times when we have an idea of ​​the products or features in the pipeline thanks to the company’s patents or its acquisitions.

Yep, our colleagues at Patently Apple state in a recent article that they discovered a new patent application from Apple on technology that could block access to a vehicle if the driver has been drinking too much.

More specifically, the document would describe a mechanism by which a driver’s iPhone would know if the driver had high blood alcohol levels, thanks to an integrated breathalyzer or accessory. And if the blood alcohol level exceeds the permissible threshold, the iPhone blocks access to the vehicle via the Car Keys function.

As a reminder, Car Keys is a feature of Apple’s Wallet app. Thanks to the NFC module, you can use the iPhone instead of the car key.

According to Patently Apple, the Cupertino company would also have come up with several ways for the user to regain access to their vehicle. For example, he could prove his fitness to drive by winning a manual skill challenge or solving mathematical calculations. Otherwise, the operating system would continue to restrict access to the vehicle.

Of course, that’s just a rumor at the moment. Furthermore, the existence of these documents does not confirm that Apple will actually release the functionality described.

Nevertheless, Apple would have already filed other patents to integrate breathalyzers into the iPhone or the Apple Watch. Rumors also raise the possibility that future Apple Watches will come with optical sensors that can measure alcohol and blood sugar levels.

In any case, if Apple releases a feature against driving while intoxicated, it will probably not force this system on its users, but rely on voluntary commitment. For example, a person can activate the feature just before entering a bar to ensure they cannot drive if they have had one drink too many.

In addition, it would be easy to bypass the restrictions that Apple could impose via Car Keys, since the user would only have to take out their car’s real keys to start it. Unless it’s an Apple car…

Apple Car: The first model will appear in 2025

In fact, it’s possible that in a few years Apple fans will be able to buy electric and autonomous cars developed by the company. We have known for years that she is working on this project. And despite the difficulties that Apple faced (for example, the departure of engineers), this project is still relevant.

Recently, Bloomberg ran an article suggesting that Apple had hired a former Ford Motors director, Desi Ujkashevic, to bolster its future auto industry.

She has been with Ford since 1991 and most recently served as the company’s Global Director of Automotive Safety Engineering. Ujkashevic also reportedly oversaw the automaker’s interior, exterior and electronics engineering. Ford confirmed the departure of its director, but as usual, Apple didn’t comment on the matter.

Anyway, this news shows that the Apple Car is still in development. And according to Bloomberg, the first model could be marketed from 2025.

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