YouTube Go will soon be unavailable

YouTube Go is the first alternative application developed by the YouTube platform itself. It allows users to download videos on Android. This technology saves data in particular when the videos are viewed in a continuous loop. In addition, YouTube Go offers a preview of the video before downloading it, but also offers the option to view the content in basic quality.

YouTube Go is therefore an alternative platform designed for users who have a slow and unstable internet connection. Although it doesn’t offer all the unique features of the platform, it was very useful.

Credit: Google Play

However, the company recently claimed that this service has stopped working this year.

YouTube blocks its app

The company had claimed that YouTube Go would be completely inaccessible this year. YouTube Go is therefore being discontinued as it has become unnecessary for the improvement of the main application. YouTube developed this app because it wanted every user to have access to the platform. In the past, not every user had the same phone performance or connection speed. Therefore, the main application could only run on a specific set of phones.

In 2016, YouTube Go was first launched as the first launch of the YouTube Go application, but since then the company’s developers have made various improvements to the main application. Faced with these improvements, YouTube Go has become unusable for users. In addition, technology has evolved, as well as the stability of connections, and the majority of users have had access to this stability.

Updates have been made to the main platform

The developers of the application have rolled out a number of updates since the release of YouTube Go, which have largely allowed the company to make some tweaks to allow certain devices of different ranges to access the main connection capable of running the program.

The team also worked on a new feature to keep the main app from consuming a lot of mobile data. The company has yet to say when this will be available on the platform, but says its team is investigating the matter. The company therefore encourages YouTube Go users to download the main version, as it also allows commenting and posting on videos.


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