“Shame on the Quebecers! »: Liberals attack conservatives over abortion

I was amazed and then horrified to see the ten Conservative lawmakers from Quebec remain silent in the face of the possible repeal of abortion rights in our southern neighbors.declared Pontiac Liberal-elect Sophie Chatel during Question Time.

His intervention immediately sparked protests from Conservative MPs. This is totally wrong!, It will make the lies! and other denunciation messages shot up.

The commotion only got worse when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood up to reply to MP Chatel, who he shared his feelings and to lament that Conservatives avoid it addressing the issues that really matter to women and frankly all Canadians.

Shame on the Quebecers! he started and pointed towards the Conservative benches.

Immediately after Question Time ended, the Conservatives and the bloc demanded an apology. The parliamentary leader of the Bloc Québécois, Alain Therrien, criticized Mr. Trudeau for addressing his comments to all Quebecers and not to those in the official opposition.

The Prime Minister apologized and clarified that his message was only addressed to Conservative MPs from Quebec. As for the apology demanded by the Conservatives, they remained dead letter.

Gérard Deltell argued that Ms Chatel had made false remarks as several Belle Provincial MPs had spoken out in favor of abortion rights on social networks or in public comments.

Mr. Deltell made this particularly clear in a press scramble on Tuesday %”,”text”:”le droit de la femme de décider si oui ou non elle se fait avorter […] lui appartient à 100%”}}”>a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion […] belongs to him 100%.

We all know the parliamentary rules. We know that we cannot assert the opposite of the truth. […] I believe the member made a mistake for Pontiache protested indoors on Wednesday.

Ms Chatel signaled that she had no regrets about the allegations she made against Quebec Conservatives. Several Members of this House have stood up for American women […] and no one should have satshe offered.

Mr. Trudeau also seemed upset as he left the House of Commons. What is the nature of your thoughts, gentleman, when you move your lips in a particular way?)”,”text”:”Quelle est la nature de vos pensées, monsieur, quand vous bougez vos lèvres d’une façon particulière? (What is the nature of your thoughts, gentleman, when you move your lips in a particular way?)”}}”>What are your thoughts, sir, when you move your lips in a certain way? (What are your thoughts, Lord, when you move your lips a certain way?), he started in English. Her father, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, had previously made an almost identical remark.

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