News from Washington enabled Kyiv to kill Russian generals

Information provided by the United States to the Ukrainian army led to the killing of several Russian generals near the front lines, the New York Times said on Wednesday, citing unnamed sources within the American services.

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Washington’s intelligence efforts to provide close-range assistance to Ukraine in the fighting have included “focusing on determining the location and other details of the Russian military’s mobile headquarters, which moves regularly,” writes the American daily.

According to senior officials quoted anonymously, this information, coupled with that of the Ukrainians – and particularly the interception of messages – enabled them to launch artillery strikes on senior Russian officers. According to the New York Times, those sources declined to give her number.

Contacted by AFP, the Pentagon did not immediately respond.

On Monday, however, the Pentagon had officially indicated that Russia’s chief of staff Valery Gerasimov was visiting the front lines in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region for “several days” last week, suggesting that Russia’s top military officials are closing in on the fight.

But the Pentagon had not confirmed the injury rumors about Valeri Guerasimov.

An adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister said on Sunday that many Russian officers were hit in an “explosion” in Izium in eastern Ukraine, adding that Russia’s chief of staff was at the scene. However, another Ukrainian official claimed he was not injured.

Ukrainians have repeatedly claimed to have killed Russian generals in the field since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

In early March, for example, the municipal government of the southern Russian city of Novorossiysk confirmed that General Andrei Sukhovetsky, deputy commander of the 41st Army, had died in Ukraine “a hero”.

American intelligence aid to Ukraine, which Washington does not brag about, comes on top of billions of dollars in military equipment supplied – in a more transparent manner – to the Kiev army, including anti-tank weapons, ammunition and more recently, heavy artillery pieces, helicopters and drones.

“We want Russia to be weakened enough that it can’t do the same things that it did when it invaded Ukraine,” Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said Monday (April 25).

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