Mattias Norlinder and Emil Heineman should not play

The Rocket begins its first playoff heat Friday night in Syracuse. Keep in mind that the Canadian’s school club, with their season-ending victories, avoided playing an opening round (two of three) that would next lead to a possible three-of-five duel against the Comets. He went straight to the three of five (and against a team other than the Comets, who finished). First in the north department).

Jean-François Houle’s team will therefore meet that of Benoit Groulx (Syracuse Crunch) on Friday.

Here’s the official schedule for the series between the two teams:


The Rocket (.590) and Crunch (.599) were about equally successful in 2021-22. Aside from the fact that the Rocket abused the crunch more often than the other way around when they played each other…

At the moment, everything indicates that RDS will not broadcast Rocket’s first game. 91.9 Sports will do it on FM…

The team trained this morning and according to Anthony Marcotte, who follows club activities very closely, the vibrations was excellent on the ice.

The Rocket will leave for Syracuse tomorrow.

We could see Emil Heineman (touch vest) and Mattias Norlinder (regular sweater) on the ice. Neither of them will face the crunch tomorrow night. JF Houle will therefore wait before replacing his regular players with players who were still in Europe not so long ago. Respect for the players who got you there and continuity with what works…

When attacked, it could look like this:


Good news for the team : Louie Belpedio didn’t sustain a significant injury in last Saturday’s game.

Note that JF Houle will try to win AND to develop the organization’s young players during this 2022 series.

Tickets for next week’s games at Place Bell are available HERE. Hurry because there aren’t many left…

While you’re at it, register for this competition created by Rocket. We never know…

GB have rocket go! Several of the Canadian’s supporters have swapped their CH vest for that of the Rocket for a few days…


– The other school club’s season ended last night in a defeat against Newfoundland.

“If anyone thinks Kent Hughes’ plan isn’t clear, read this.

– The Seattle Sounders will try to win the CONCACAF Champions League ahead of themselves tonight.

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