Joe Biden castigates the “extreme” projects of the American right

(Washington) The unifying speeches, the outstretched hand to the opposition, are a thing of the past: Joe Biden, who wants to try to salvage his precarious control of Congress in this fall’s election, is now unleashing his blows on the “extreme”. Law adopted the ideas of Donald Trump.

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On Wednesday, during an economic speech, the Democratic President launched an unusual attack on Republican projects and in particular on what he called the “MAGA movement”.

“This MAGA movement is truly the most extreme political organization in American history, in recent American history,” he said.

With this acronym, which he repeated several times, Joe Biden is obviously aiming at former President Donald Trump and his slogan “Make America Great Again”.

The President had begun his mandate willing to turn the Trump page by endorsing the rally, “boringly” embracing it with major reform projects, citing economic recovery and achievements in the fight against COVID-19.

Trump as a scarecrow

A few months before the midterm general elections, which were historically difficult for the president’s party, Joe Biden, who was very unpopular due to runaway inflation, changed course.

It’s no longer about making Donald Trump forget, but on the contrary, waving him around like a scarecrow without naming him directly. The Democrats also want to invest in an area they have so far seemed to avoid: the “culture wars,” those societal debates that have roiled America for decades but have escalated in recent years to the point of dividing the country into two irreconcilable camps.

At stake are: gender, sexuality, parenting, religion, firearms, race issues, and reading American history — especially when it comes to slavery and segregation.

Of course, one of the hottest topics is abortion, the subject of an explosive revelation on Monday. According to website Politico, the US Supreme Court is preparing to blow up the constitutional right to abortion it established in 1973.

Joe Biden, this devout Catholic, became the first defender of abortion rights. And most importantly, he accuses Republicans, who have voted to ban abortion in many states they control, of further attacks on societal gains, be it contraception or marriage for all.

“What happens when a state says LGBTQ kids “can no longer go into the same classrooms as other kids? ‘ he asked on Wednesday.

“All Mighty”

The Democrat recently came up with one of his favorite phrases: “Don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to his alternative. »

Apparently, Joe Biden, unable to convince Americans of his success, intends to paint the opposite camp in the darkest colors.

“You will hear him say this mantra many more times,” his spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Wednesday.

It remains to be seen to what extent Donald Trump will shape the Republican campaign for the midterm elections.

The roaring billionaire commented on the announced reversal of the Supreme Court’s abortion-rights jurisprudence with unusual reluctance.

In an interview with conservative broadcaster Fox’s website, the former president did not openly applaud the Supreme Court, which bears his signature, having appointed no fewer than three out of nine justices there.

Convinced that the issue of abortion rights should be left to states, he said on abortion: “I think I have support on both sides. According to all polls, the majority of Americans do not want to reconsider existing abortion rights.

A newcomer Tuesday from Ohio — a developed Midwestern state where Joe Biden is also heading on Friday — confirmed his enduring influence in the party.

His filly, JD Vance, won a controversial Republican primary there and will be looking to win the seat of the current senator, a Democrat.

“I absolutely have to thank the 45thand President of the United States,” began Tuesday the candidate, who had previously heavily criticized the Republican billionaire before pledged allegiance to him.

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