China: Foxconn factory region reconfigured, iPhone 14 production under pressure

With very good quarterly results fueled by the success of the iPhone 13, Apple aims to end production of the iPhone 14. Unfortunately, the brand is trying to ramp up its production line for its future smartphone, but unfortunately the situation is so fluctuating in China on the side of Foxconn, one of the main factories of Apple’s logistics architecture.

Following a spike in Covid-19 cases in the city of Zhengzhou, the city government ordered the implementation of a new curfew until at least Tuesday May 10. Unfortunate timing for Foxconn, which announced a few days earlier that it would increase its workforce to meet Apple’s demands. The company has announced that it is freezing its new hires.for the time being“.

difficulties that accumulate

The factory responsible for manufacturing 60 to 80% of the world’s iPhones was previously operating in “closed circuit” with employees restricted to location. If Foxconn, according to a spokesman, “kept its production at the same level“Hiring new minds to pick up the pace therefore seems at risk. A pebble in the shoe from Apple, which has just gambled on a production ramp-up for its iPhone 14.

This Foxconn closure follows a similar situation in Shanghai, where several Apple subcontractors are also idle. Even with drastic measures, Foxconn could reduce its production capacity for logistical reasons. The import and export of devices is subject to strict hygiene regulations, which could well slow down the flow of components. The iPhone 14 release date or the stocks available at launch could therefore fluctuate depending on whether the situation improves or worsens.

For now, Apple hasn’t announced a delay from its usual September launch window, but during the presentation of its quarterly results, the company admitted that these kinds of difficulties could cost it between $4 billion and $8 billion in 2022. Whether these fears are related to the launch of the iPhone 14 remains to be seen.

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