According to experts, this is how you avoid the yo-yo effect after losing weight

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How to avoid rebound weight gain?

Do sports regularly

Regular exercise will stabilize your weight, speed up your metabolism and help you burn extra calories. In fact, you have to find a balance between the calories you take in and the calories you burn. Corresponding health line, “Multiple studies have shown that people who get at least 200 minutes of physical activity per week (30 minutes per day) are more likely to maintain their weight after losing weight.”

Prepare a balanced breakfast

Studies show that people who eat breakfasts high in fiber and macronutrients tend to lead healthier lifestyles. Have you ever been a fan of breakfast? Don’t panic: You won’t gain weight because you don’t eat anything in the morning.

Eat enough protein

Protein keeps you full longer. They have been shown to reduce the production of hormones that cause hunger pangs.

Watch your weight from time to time

Weight gain is not immediately noticeable after a diet. It’s gradually calming down. That’s why it’s a good idea to occasionally step on the scale (or pick out an article of clothing to see if it still fits) to monitor your weight. Don’t obsess over Libra, though: it will do you a disservice.

Watch your carbohydrate intake

You need carbs for energy recovery, muscle and brain function, but be aware that some types of carbs are less healthy than others, such as refined carbs like pasta and fruit juices. Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates can then lead to weight gain.

lift weights

Cardio exercises are not the best weight loss solution. You can help, but it’s strength training that the experts recommend. It allows you to gain muscle mass, burn a lot of calories and speed up the functioning of your metabolism.

Make a program and stick to it

The first step is to design and then implement your exercise and nutrition program. It’s important to take things day-to-day and stick to your schedule throughout the week, including weekends. You can indulge in “joker” meals, but make sure they don’t turn into a day or a week of being unfaithful to your eating plan. It will affect you physically and mentally.

Stay hydrated and sleep

It’s important to drink enough water to maintain weight. Hydration helps you feel fuller for longer and reduces the calorie intake of your meals. On the other hand, adequate sleep is essential if you want to avoid the boomerang effect. As reported health line, “Insufficient or poor quality sleep increases levels of ghrelin, a key hormone involved in stimulating appetite.”

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