Why Samsung had to suspend its latest ad

Samsung has apologized after an ad for its Galaxy Watch 4 sparked controversy. The promotional video shows a woman jogging at 2 a.m. and was deemed unrealistic in terms of women’s safety in public spaces.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 // Source: Frandroid

The Galaxy Watch 4 – and by extension the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – is at the center of a controversy that makes Samsung uneasy. To the point where the South Korean company apologized at the microphone BBC. But what are we doing to the manufacturer? Specifically, it is the latest advertising campaign designed to extol the connected watch that is singled out.

An advertisement that is considered to be disconnected from reality

The advertisement in question is a short video in which we see a woman wearing a Galaxy Watch 4 leaving her house at 2am to go jogging. During her run, she is followed by an owl and encounters various people on the city streets. Samsung states that this advertising campaign ” was designed with a positive message: celebrate individuality and the freedom to move at any time “. Understand that the Galaxy Watch 4 is touted as the perfect sports companion any time of the day, whatever your schedule.

However, the collective Reclaim the Streets in England, which campaigns for the safety of women in public spaces, criticized the ad and accused it of being unrealistic. Not least because the ad comes a few months after Ashling Murphy’s murder last January. This young woman of 23 was actually murdered while jogging in Ireland.

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Esther Newman, journalist at running for womenregrets that this advertisement ” does not represent reality In other words, it’s hard to imagine a woman going for a run in the middle of the night without being threatened or feeling threatened.

Sorry from Samsung

In view of the many negative reactions, Samsung made it clear that this was never its intention. to be insensitive to ongoing conversations about women’s safety “. Next, ” We apologize for the way this may have been interpreted says the brand.

In order not to further fuel the controversy, Samsung has suspended the advertising campaign in question.

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