These cleaning apps actually collect all your data

Dedicated free Android cleaning applications don’t really respect users’ privacy, on the contrary. According to a study by cybernews computer security researchers, the 40 most popular cleaning apps on the Play Store contain many trackers.

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As you know, The Play Store regularly hosts malicious apps, and that despite the security systems of the company Mountain View. Some of them are also careful to trick the user by passing them off as Android antivirus or cleaning applications. Recently, several fake Android antivirus programs have come to light by researchers. This included banking malware in particular.

We also remember this app in a different genre, which was supposed to charge your battery and which actually contained a terrible trojan. However, this Monday, May 3, 2022, the security researchers at Cybernews want to warn us Free android cleaner apps available on play store.

In fact, these experts have analyzed the top forty cleaning and antivirus applications by number of installs on the Google App Store. In total, They make no less than 918 million downloads compatible. After investigation, it turns out that these popular apps contain many data trackers, if not Links to malicious domains.

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Study Android cleaning apps
Credits: Cyber ​​News

Free android cleaner apps collect your data in bulk

Since these apps are closely related to security and privacy, we expected them to set the highest possible standards. However, this was not the case – as only two apps did not contain trackers”, assures a spokesman for the research team of Cybernews.

Worse, 13 out of 40 apps were found to be so harmful to user privacy that they got it the lowest possible rating in Cybernews’ security rankingBecause “questionable coding practices”. So, to top it all off, six of them contained links to malicious domains. With over a million downloads, the Keep Clean cleaner app is the “best” achievement with a score of 54 out of 100 in Cybernews’ safety ranking system.

Less knowledgeable users will probably download an app to do this tedious work automatically (ndrl: Clean up unnecessary files and cache on an Android smartphone). However, many free alternatives come with a hidden price – user data is tracked, sold, or simply handled insecurely due to the app developers’ questionable coding and privacy practices.” warn Cybernews researchers.

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