Teacher guilty of hitting toddler

A teacher who hit toddlers as young as two at the daycare where she worked confessed her guilt on Tuesday, which, despite her regrets, could land her in prison.

“We will ask for detention,” said Mr.and Gabrielle Delisle shortly after Nassira El Hmaini pleaded guilty at the Montreal courthouse on Tuesday.

With her head bowed, the 31-year-old defendant had just admitted to assaulting children at the daycare center in the Villeray neighborhood of Montreal, where she worked in the fall of 2020.

It so happened that the woman hit her during the nap of the little ones.

A crying little girl was slapped, as was another child who “moved a lot on his mattress”.

” [El Hmaini] Places her aggressively, slaps her in the face and tells her to “lie there,” the summary of the facts reads. [L’enfant] cries after the slap. »


In another case, the defendant “pulled the hair” of a crying girl, while a boy was “patted twice on the head.”

“Then she grabs his arm and leg and throws him to the ground,” the court document said.

What the teacher didn’t know, however, was that one of her colleagues caught her in the act and that she filmed everything for 10 days and then alerted management. El Hmaini was immediately released while parents and police were notified.

“The defendant cried and asked the manager not to tell the parents, according to the court document. [À l’enquêteur]She denied the allegations and indicated that she was gambling [avec un des bambins frappés]. »


Since the events, however, El Hmaini appears to have accepted his responsibilities. A psychological report submitted to the court by her lawyer, Me Maria Soledad Vivas Rodriguez, said she “deeply regrets it.”

“Clinical observation and test analysis indicate that Ms. El Hmaini does not present a problematic personality,” the report said. He is a sociable person, collaborator and able to carry out all his duties. »

However, the report on the defendant’s risk of recidivism is so silent that Judge Alexandre St-Onge asked for a further report to be clarified on this point.

The further proceedings will take place in September. El Hmaini is expected to testify, while parents of children are expected to testify in court.

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