Singing a good way to recover for people with long covid?

Treatment methods to combat Covid-19 have flourished since the beginning of the pandemic. The newest? To sing. This would improve patients’ breathing quality, according to a study by British researchers published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

Many cases of Covid long

“Covid-19 can cause long-term illness and disability, which is increasingly recognized as a major global challenge,” the researchers note in the introduction to their study. In the UK, specialists estimate that 1.3 million people have long Covid, or 2% of the population.

Symptoms include loss of taste and smell, headaches, persistent fatigue, but also persistent shortness of breath, anxiety, and loss of quality of life. British researchers from Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare have focused their research on these last three points.

For their study, the specialists measured the breathing quality of 150 candidates. All suffered from shortness of breath for more than 4 weeks, some also suffered from anxiety.

Singing lessons for the sick

The researchers divided them into two groups. A first received the usual care. The other followed a program called “Breath”. For six weeks, the participants took singing lessons from singers from English National Opera. The aim was to learn and hum lullabies intended to calm and soothe the sick. After the experiment, the participants rated their shortness of breath at rest and after physical exertion.

Result ? People who took the singing class noticed an improvement in their breathing compared to the group who didn’t take the breathing program.

“Our results suggest that a respiratory and wellness program can improve respiratory symptoms, including shortness of breath, and mental health in people with persistent signs after COVID-19 infection,” the specialists conclude.

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