Pee-Wee Tournament: Heartbreaking defeat for the little Nordic

The month of May has never smiled at the Nordic countries. In 1995 the big ones left for Colorado. On Tuesday, in the spring version of the Tournoi international de Hockey Pee-Wee de Québec, it was the little ones who were chased out of the Videotron Center after a 3-2 loss in overtime.

It was the Oil Barons Jr. of Fort McMurray who performed the spoilsport in front of the tournament’s biggest crowd yet.

The Alberta representatives used an extra time penalty to salvage their way to victory with just a minute and dust to play. Hunter Colombe fired in a quick shot and goalkeeper Alexy Lanctôt couldn’t help it.

In the hallway to the locker room, the mines were being torn down, but the pilot of the Pointe-Lévy corsairs wanted to remind everyone that it wasn’t over yet.

“The tournament is not over yet. It just changes the arena. Of course it’s a disappointment for them, they would have liked to have continued here, but we’ll show character, we’ll roll up our sleeves and we’ll make sure to come back to the Videotron Center next Sunday,” said coach Alexandre Paré.

“You can be proud, we represented the Nordiques well,” he added carefully after speaking to his heartbroken young squad.

Strong start

It only took the little Nordiques a minute and a second before they registered to the brand. Xavier Paris surprised the opposing goalkeeper by completing a maneuver by Édouard Fournier.

The first half quickly took on the character of an offensive feast as the Oil Barons equalized the game 3 minutes and 35 seconds later. Little Nordiques didn’t let themselves be pushed and took the lead almost 50 seconds later thanks to a goal from Christophe Hamel.

In a quieter second half, the rivals brought everyone back to zero. In the third period, the Nordiques seemed obsessed, controlling the puck at will. However, their incessant buzz in the offensive zone did not bring the expected results.

continuation of the course

“We deserve a better fate. We controlled a good part of the game but we didn’t take some of our chances opportunistically. The other team was opportunistic. We deserved the win, but little things made it not work out,” commented Alexandre Paré.

For the rest, the Nordiques now have to take a small detour via the Pavillon de la Jeunesse. They no longer have the right to make mistakes, and if they win all upcoming games, they can return to the Videotron Center in the AA Elite Finals.

It starts on Wednesday (3 p.m.) with a duel against the Atlantic Selects, who are defeated 0:8 by the Intrépide de l’Outaouais on Tuesday.

“If the youngsters play the way they can play, we can keep up with any team here. You have to find a way to keep them motivated. In the bedroom we look like a eliminated team and that’s normal. There are 17 who are disappointed, frustrated and crying, but they are 12 years old. They’ve been waiting for this tournament since they were little,” the coach rightly recalled.


10:30 am

Quebec Northeast Harfangs c. | Richelieu Grand Dukes

11:45 a.m

Sherbrooke Phoenix v. | Repentigny-CCL Elites

13 o’clock

Two Mountain Panther c. | Governors of Quebec West

2:15 p.m. AA Elite

Charles Lemoyne dynamics c. | Elite Waterfalls

3:30 p.m. AA Elite

Sherbrooke Harfangs c. | Lac St Louis Arsenal

4:45 p.m. AA Elite

Shawinigan cataracts c. | SSF Blizzard

6 p.m. AA Elite

Fort McMurray Oil Barons Jr. v. | Outaouai’s Fearless

7:15 p.m

Laval Riverains v. | South Shore Express 1

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