Michel Bergeron has gone through difficult times since the deaths of Lafleur and Bossy

TVA Sports’ Michel Bergeron was a good friend of Guy Lafleur and Mike Bossy. He has not been well since her death. He emptied his heart during a call to 98.5 Sports Monday night.

Mario Langlois received calls from listeners during his show to hear anecdotes from people in the public eye, and then Bergeron decided to call.

“Ever since Mike died, I’ve struggled. I have trouble structuring my nights. I have thoughts all the time. First, both are younger than me. I have health issues of my own and I tell myself that we are not immune. You have to live a decent life. – Michel Bergeron on appeal at 98.5 Sports

Such remarks from the one nicknamed Bergy are disturbing, but he then thought it best that an anecdote would cheer everyone up.

“Once my wife asked me to go shopping because we had visitors the next day. I go to the supermarket. Like everyone else, I’ll take a carriage. Suddenly I’m face to face with Guy. Then Guy starts laughing and says to me “You see us, both of us, with a carriage in Montreal?! “” – Michel Bergeron on the appeal of 98.5 Sports

Bergeron coached Lafleur for a season with Rangers in 1988-89. The two men then followed each other to Quebec with the Nordiques. The Tigers also worked with Mike Bossy, but this time on TV, on TVA Sports.

Michel Bergeron is important to TVA Sports and has knowledge not everyone has when it comes to ice hockey. We wish him good times in the future.


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