Guy Lafleur: our farewell to a great man

In one of its majestic temples, Quebecers said goodbye to their hero with class and panache. Ginette’s voice, Patrick’s testimony and the waves of love from the admirers made this ceremony a moment that is now written in our shared history.

A large number of powerful and moving symbols adorned this magnificent celebration. I remember Guy Lafleur entering the cathedral, carried by his sons and his former teammates. His friends, his playmates with whom he won the Stanley Cup, who this time bring him back to his final resting place.

In the text of The essentiala song so powerfully interpreted yesterday, Ginette Reno sang: “The main thing is to be loved … It’s not about happiness or fame”.

One might have thought that this sentence was written for Guy Lafleur. Glory, he knew! Admired as the great among the great! Stanley Cups, broken records, his countless exploits have been delighting audiences for years.

But his idol status has never overshadowed his humanity and generosity. Obviously he had heard and understood this song.

A trail

If there is one thing that strikes and moves me this week of honors, it is the extent to which Guy Lafleur has shaped the lives of many Quebecers. The Guy Lafleur we’ve been cheering and praising for the past few days is much more than the guy who scored goals. He’s the guy who scored lives, the guy who scored souls.

We’ve all heard these testimonies from people who came to pay homage to him, saying, ‘We owed him that! »

People Guy Lafleur had met at a charity event, people he’d autographed after an alumni game, people he’d given time and done good.

All dimensions of a hero

One minute, two minutes, time for an autograph, Guy gave them his attention. According to legend, her hero became a simple and approachable man who genuinely took an interest in her. People speak in superlatives about the impact of this moment on their lives. Its simplicity, its charisma, its presence, its generosity, its qualities have brought comfort, hope and happiness to thousands of lives.

As we say goodbye to a larger-than-life character, we take stock of what he leaves us as a legacy.

Guy Lafleur was a hero and a role model in the three major areas of his life.

Guy Lafleur, the athlete, did his best and made his teammates better. He took pride in his sport. He, the little guy from Thurso who became the greatest of his time, was a huge inspiration.

Guy Lafleur, the father, remained rock solid through the trying times.

Guy Lafleur, the citizen with a big heart, will have given back to his society in abundance.

Thank you guys

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