Sex with a student: A substitute teacher gets 15 months in prison

A substitute teacher has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for being forbidden from having sex with an aroused student.

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Arielle Leclerc-Fortin met her victim at the school where she worked. The then 22-year-old young woman taught him twice. During the second meeting, the teen asked her for her SnapChat ID so they could communicate with each other.

They continued their exchanges on this social network. It was the teacher who then took the initiative and suggested “doing something”.

inability to consent

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“She was aware of the consequences of having a sexual relationship with him given the authorities’ situation,” the crown prosecutor summarized in the file on Monday.and Laïla Belgharras-Cardin before the defendant was sentenced to 15 months in prison at Sherbrooke Courthouse.

The minor, who cannot be identified, was 16 or 17 years old. The forbidden relationship will have been brief. The teacher and the young man had two sexual relationships, the first of which was the victim.

In addition, the defendant admitted that she noticed from the beginning in her idyll that the boy “didn’t feel very well”.

But he, for his part, insisted to the investigators that he did not see himself as a victim.

“He consented despite not having the legal capacity to do so,” the Crown Prosecutor said. He still felt he couldn’t give in. »

magical thinking

If Mme Despite her position of authority, Leclerc-Fortin complied with her wish because she “had the magical thought of not being caught”.

And the ban on relationships had aroused a certain sexual excitement in her, we learned in court.

After her arrest, the accused quickly confessed her crime to the police. Her cooperation also helped her benefit from a lighter sentence. Indeed, the defendant would have shown great introspection and expressed empathy for the victim.

“What a misstep! But according to the report [présentenciel]It’s obvious we won’t see you again, I’m not worried about you,” commented Judge Danielle Côté.

Arielle Leclerc-Fortin must serve a two-year probationary period and cannot hold a job that gives her authority over anyone under the age of 16.

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