Meta’s next virtual reality mask, a very expensive “laptop for your face”?

A PC on your head, does that turn you on? We’ve known for a few days that Meta wanted to make their next VR headset an alternative to a personal computer. The informationwho could see the roadmap of the next launches hardware from the company, provides us with some additional information about this mysterious Project Cambria planned for this year and the devices that will follow.

We first learn that the future high-end helmet is said to be expensive, very expensive. The information a price of 800 dollars (approx. 760 euros) in advance. However, according to a meta-official contacted by, that number would be well below the actual price of the product, which ” significantly higher “. It is therefore to be expected that the helmet will easily exceed the $ 1000 mark when it is launched.

A not so surprising price, which is explained by the use of advanced technologies, in particular high-resolution screens – enough to comfortably read or even write code, according to internal sources The information– and a mode “run through” in color. The integrated cameras will make it possible to perceive the real world via the headset and thus offer mixed reality experiences. Finally, Project Cambria will also benefit from new eye and face tracking technologies.

Alleged renderings of Project Cambria.

A dry run?

Meta can’t decently turn this expensive device into a simple gaming console like the Quest. He therefore envisions it as a working tool, so much so that internally it is called ” a Chromebook for your face “.

Why a Chromebook? Because despite this cocktail of technology, Project Cambria would be far from the performance of a high-end PC. It turns under that crotch Developed by Meta for the Quest, Android will favor web apps over native apps for productivity.

It remains to be seen whether this slightly crazy promise – trading the computer for a VR headset – is really realistic, or whether Project Cambria is more of a test run against more sophisticated … and cheaper devices. Technologies that could be found in the successor to this model, already planned for 2024… Even to a lesser extent, the next versions of the Meta Quest, which according to The Information should be released in 2023 and 2024.

source : The information, the edge

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