“It’s not real recruiters who make these lists”

Do you know Jordan Dumais? We’re talking about a Quebecer who scored 109 points with the Halifax Mooseheads at the age of 17. Of these, he scored 39 goals. He finished third in the QMJHL standings.

Behind him? Just Joshua Roy and William Dufour, two NHL prospects.

You’d think the youngster would be popular with recruiters, but that’s not the case. Because he was having a quieter 16-year season (29 points in 40 games), he went against him with a hold. In the eyes of the scout who make the lists to catch up.

He is currently the 72nd North American prospect. So if we add the Europeans, it’s pretty far in the eyes of the recruiters.

The chances of it coming out sooner are good. And of course, the main prospect does not worry about that, who believes in his means and is not afraid to say it loud and clear.

The five-foot-nine player therefore opted to shoot the scouts responsible for making the rosters.

It’s just a few people’s opinions. These are not real recruiters making these lists.

If they were really good scouts, they would work for an NHL team. – Jordan Dumais

He added that this ranking has been going on for a long time and that he is focusing on the draft which he believes will perform better than projected by those compiling the lists.

This is reported by the journalist Katherine Harvey-Pinard from La Presse.

The young man is obviously not lacking in self-confidence. Good for him because he’s talented and it takes that kind of confidence to break into the NHL. But…

But even if he is drafted later, he can break through. It’s less easy, but it happens. Joshua Roy is a good example if he doesn’t want to be further up the scorer chart than he is.

Publicly criticizing NHL scouts says a lot about his attitude. Will he be the type to ask for a trade when the going gets tough? He will surely ask about it in an interview.

Will such remarks play against him?


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