Google is already working on your next vacation

You still don’t know where to go on vacation this summer. Google has already thought of this for you. Or almost. The search engine improves the tools of its Google Flights and Google Explore services to give you many ideas and find the best price for your stay.

Holiday hunger? // Source: Unsplash – Vivek Kumar

No break ! Google wants to be there for every moment of your life. And your vacations don’t cut it. In 2021, in the post-containment era, French netizens had opted for short or medium-haul destinations, Casablanca, Marrakech, Barcelona, ​​​​​​Nice and Lisbon, monopolizing the top 5 summer. This summer they are now also dreaming of visiting New York, Montreal, Bali and beyond, according to the most searched destinations on Google for the months of June, July and August.

Whether by plane, car or even on foot, the next destination must be just a click away for the search engine. And it is even at your disposal to find the ideal stay. The travel platform is adding new tools for this.

Find the right destination at the right price

Launched a few years ago, Google Flights allows you to choose your flight and get the different prices offered by the companies depending on your dates or your budget. It is also possible to be notified if the price of your flight falls below the usual prices. Previously, this only affected certain dates on your return flight (or one-way flight). Google improves their tool and now allows you to receive an email notification for a desired destination without a specific date.

Google is already working on your next vacation
Finding a flight is even easier with Google Flights // Source: Google

If the problem is not the date of stay, but the place to go, Google also has a solution with Explore. With this tool you can search for accommodation based on your criteria (budget, length of vacation, activities, etc.). All you have to do is select your travel dates, your flight criteria (stopover, duration, company, etc.) or even a holiday region.

Google is already working on your next vacation
Google Explore // Source: Google

The map updates with airfares, information about nearby things to do, hotel prices, weather, and more. An “Explore Nearby” item will now appear, allowing you to refine your search, particularly by specifying places to travel to quickly.

A place according to your feet or your car

Obviously, Google isn’t letting you down so well. In order to be able to plan the trip optimally, the Google Travel page offers as much information as possible about hotels and other accommodation at the destination. It is now possible to filter the search for nearby cultural places, places to eat (yellow areas then appear) or places to shop, and get a neighborhood guide in certain major cities. Determine the radius around your drop-off point that you are interested in (e.g. 15 to 30 minutes on foot or by car).

Google is already working on your next vacation
Google Travel // Source: Google

The other Google tools are of course highlighted, from Google Maps to Google Weather, including the ability to create your “travel diary” before you even set off. You can plan your next trip by bookmarking lots of information (hotel, attractions, city, etc.). Just tap on the bookmark icon. They will then all be listed in the Saved section of your Google Travel page (on the tab on mobile, in the right pane on desktop).

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