Elden Ring: A modder uses an awakening toy to explore images from the From Software game

Gaming News Elden Ring: A modder uses an awakening toy to explore images from the From Software game

Like all productions of the Japanese studio From Software, Elden Ring is a demanding game. Completing it with a classic peripheral is already not easy, but some modders believe that it is not enough.

Playing differently, a real leitmotif for some modders

Released on February 25th, Elden Ring is a veritable amusement park for modders, speedrunners, and lore enthusiasts. World records follow each other, and that’s it It’s rare that we go more than a few days without discovering the existence of a new mod very well made or being able to enjoy the title in an original way. When the modders are released SuperLouis64who previously worked in the industry and specifically at Gearbox, had fun making Ring Fit Adventure accessories compatible to defeat one of the game’s bosses in a single attempt.

He followed very quickly with an object, but didn’t a fruit to beat Godrickthe second obligatory boss of the game, so with a banana that the modder managed to get rid of his enemy… This isn’t his first attempt since he traveled the Dark Souls with Donkey Konga’s bongos, and that he explored the Ruins of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by actually running (on the spot) and mimicking attack moves. But SuperLouis64, real name Louis Hamilton, is not the only one try these kinds of experiments.

Children’s toys enter the dance

Elden Ring: A modder uses an awakening toy to explore images from the From Software game

This time the spotlight was on Rudeism, a streamer/modder who, like Louis Hamilton, finds that playing with a classic controller or the keyboard-mouse combination is too mundane to be fun. The last time he made the rounds on the web he was playing Hades, Supergiant Games’ excellent roguelite, with a grenade (the fruit). This time we find it on Elden Ring, with a controller. But not just any controller A Fisher Price Awakening controller. In other words, it is with a interactive toys for children that the streamer has fun browsing the Entre-Terre.

Looking a bit like the pad of the Gamecube, which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary, the toy does come with some limitations. There is no right stick, which is used to control the camera, nor the pause and menu buttons, and two of the shutter release buttons are wheels. A circumvented situation by reprogramming the button yellow, which is in the place of the right stick, so it changes the configuration of the buttons and allows the right stick to become the left one. A technical challenge combined with the fact that the keys have to be manufactured sometimes annoying noises children’s toys. It remains to be seen Sir Rudeism will manage to finish the game this way or not.

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