Anne Casabonne gives up presenting herself in Charlesbourg

Talks between the management of the company have been going on for about a week PCQ and the local party branch in Charlesbourg, Radio-Canada reported last Friday.

According to our information, the dissemination of this news has caused dissatisfaction among some members who were uncomfortable with the possibility of a candidate from outside the Capitale-Nationale being parachuted into Charlesbourg.

Anne never wanted to impose herself in CharlesbourgÉric Duhaime explained in a short telephone interview on Monday afternoon.

The actress was in Quebec on Saturday to attend the symposium PCQ on the subject of health. She was also scheduled to meet with activists from Charlesbourg at a local gathering on Sunday, but she eventually gave up attending.

Mr Duhaime says he is not disappointed by the turn of events as he works to democratize the process of selecting candidates for parliament PCQ since he became a chef.

We didn’t want to create tension. »

A quote from Eric Duhaime, leader of the Quebec Conservative Party

In an interview with Radio Canada, the president of the local chapter of Charlesbourg for the PCQRoberto Paré, while recognizing the quality of Ms Casabonne’s candidacy, had expressed his preference for an open nomination.

Apply anyway

Ms. Casabonne will nevertheless be a candidate for the PCQ this autumn, Éric Duhaime repeats, without specifying which constituency he is now targeting.

Aside from Charlesbourg, it is unlikely to appear in the greater Quebec City area, where the PCQ has already found its candidates for the majority of constituencies.

One hypothesis is that she could run for the votes again in the Marie-Victorin race on Montreal’s south shore, where she received 10% of the vote in the April 11 by-election.

I want Anne to play a leading role in the next campaignstates Mr. Duhaime, adding that the actress is an asset to her political training given the notoriety she has achieved in the Quebec public.

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