An (anonymous) NHL manager fired red balls at the course of the CH in the playoffs last year

Last summer, the Montreal Canadiens assisted very beautiful moments for Quebecers. Trailing 3-1 in the first round against the Maple Leafs, Dominique Ducharme’s side found a way to turn the tide and made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, where they were sadly demoted by the Tampa Bay Lightning .

The fact remains, however, that despite the defeat, the course in the CH playoffs had brought a little happiness back to the population. After a difficult few months due to COVID-19, having hockey as a distraction came in handy.

But according to an (anonymous) NHL executive, COVID-19 may be exactly what made this trip to the playoffs possible for the Canadian. In fact, he says that without the pandemic, there would have been no chance this group would have made it to the finals.

The same goes for the Dallas Stars a year earlier, by the way.

Basically, what this (anonymous) executive is saying is that CH (and Stars)’ journey only happened due to an incomplete season and playoff run caused by external factors. Basically, all of this would result from the chanceeasy.

However, what this manager seems to forget is that no matter how good your team is, it still takes a bit of luck for a team to reach the Stanley Cup Finals. More often than not, the team that catches fire at the right moment has that chance, not necessarily that one best Team.

The CH of 2020/21 was far from the best team in the league. In a normal context with the regular divisions, he might not have made the playoffs, that’s true. However, he could not change the rules in force and was content with it.

Ultimately, the comeback against the Maple Leafs was somewhat fortunate. However, CH was the best team in their series against the Jets and in this one against the Golden Knights. Carey Price was at the top of his game, the defensive top 4 was very difficult to deal with and the offensive support was ample.

In short, let’s stop discrediting such collective efforts, both that of CH and that of the stars a year earlier. Although the teams took advantage of the somewhat favorable conditions for them, they didn’t get their place. And stop betting it on luck alone, that’s the case with almost all teams that reach the finals.


– Gary Bettman, who is currently at the Hurricanes Arena, will be present at Guy Lafleur’s funeral tomorrow. And if you look at his weekly schedule, he’ll be spending quite a bit of time on the plane.

– In force.

– CH will most likely waive Jacob Olofsson’s rights in the coming weeks. Remember that he was selected in the second round in 2018.

– A very impressive sequence.

– A (fifth?) last chance run for the Penguins in the playoffs?

– In force.

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