Windows 11 Build 22610 Comes With New Bugs, Review

The latest preview of Windows 11 is causing problems. Microsoft has confirmed two new bugs. The first concerns the “Show hidden icons” flyout menu in the taskbar.

Windows 11 Build 22610 has been available for a few days through the Insider Program DEV and BETA channels. Unfortunately, the operating system comes with a bug. Microsoft has officially confirmed this. However, it does not apply to everyone. Investigating why the Show Hidden Icons flyout is not displaying correctly.

Windows 11 Build 22610 is rolling out, what should we remember from this release?

We currently have no date when a patch will be released. The teams are working on the problem. The fix will likely go through a cumulative update or the release of a new OS preview.

Windows 11 build 22610, workarounds exist

Meanwhile, the giant offers a solution. It’s not practical, but it has less value in existing. It is explained

“After upgrading to Build 22610, the ‘Show hidden icons’ flyout in the taskbar may disappear completely for some users, even though it shows as ‘On’ under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and Other System Tray Icons.”

As a workaround, if you need access to the icons that appear in this flyout menu, you can right-click on the taskbar to open the taskbar settings page, access “Taskbar Angle Overflow” to access “Activity” toggle in the apps you need until the problem is solved.”

Microsoft has also confirmed another issue in this Windows 1 Preview affecting “Efficiency” mode. It is stated

“Enabling “Efficiency” mode in the Task Manager command bar may cause the list of processes on the “Processes” page to oscillate between the “Applications” and “Background” groups. As a workaround, right-click and use the context menu to enable/disable this mode, then close and reopen Task Manager.

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