War in Ukraine: What if the Olympic Stadium was bombed?

A media outlet has taken Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at his word as he envisioned what the destruction would be like if Russian missiles hit Montreal and Toronto.

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Last March, in a speech to the House of Commons, President Zelenskyy urged Canadian MPs to imagine that the strikes that are destroying his country actually fall on Canada’s major cities.

“Can you imagine that in Toronto? Imagine the CN Tower being hit by Russian bombs. […] Can you imagine someone removing Canadian flags in Montreal and other Canadian cities?” he asked during his speech.

Toronto | https://feelwhatwefeel.com/

Founded in Montreal, Toronto and New York, Tank Worldwide took Zelensky at his word by envisioning what those cities would look like if they were fully invaded, in collaboration with visual effects studio Rodeo FX.

“The quote inspired our team, who set out to show Canadians what our cities would look like if they were being bombed and destroyed, and how it would feel if we were under siege,” said Marty Martinez, Chief Creative Officer at TANK WW.

Screenshot, https://feelwhatwefeel.com/montreal

In the case of Montreal, the agency snapped a photo showing the Olympic Stadium in the summer, with greenery in the foreground to turn it into a field of smoldering ruins, with a tank parked behind a low wall delimiting the stadium’s esplanade. ambushes .

New York | https://feelwhatwefeel.com/

In Toronto and New York, it’s photos of those cities that show the CN Tower or Times Square retouched with debris, fires, and destroyed buildings.

These images are available online and also accessible via QR codes scattered at specific public transit stops, Tank Worldwide details.

This promotion is primarily aimed at raising funds that will go to Razom, an American organization that has been sending medical equipment to Ukraine since 2014.

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