Microsoft Edge is pretending to be NordVPN with this new feature

news hardware Microsoft Edge is pretending to be NordVPN with this new feature

The Microsoft Edge browser, embedded in Windows 10 and Windows 11, will soon be enhanced with a brand new feature that will be very useful for many Internet users: a VPN. And it’s free to use up to a certain limit.

VPNs have been on the rise for a few years: These services guarantee an anonymous and protected Internet connection, and also enable geolocation abroad if required. To be able to use it in the best conditions, it is generally recommended to subscribe to one of the paid offers on the web. There is no lack of choice in the field and in most cases the subscription only costs a few euros a month.

However, if this investment does not seem reasonable for your budget, Microsoft Edge will soon make you a proposal: that of a free VPNin browser and powered by Cloudflare technologies.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network, a real VPN?

Microsoft recently published a support document that talks about Edge Secure Network, a feature that is dedicated to it “Protect Navigation” of the user. Microsoft doesn’t present it as a VPN per sebut as a secure network designed to send connection traffic to a “encrypted tunnel” responsible for protection from hackers and other nosy services. “By encrypting your web traffic directly from Microsoft Edge, we prevent your ISP from collecting your browsing data, including details about the websites you visit.”, explains in particular the company.

Edge Secure Network also prevents the user’s IP location allows him to use a “virtual IP address”, geolocated or not in another country. In addition, the browser undertakes not to store data related to the online activity of the Internet user and to delete diagnostic and auxiliary data every 25 hours.

But what’s the catch?

Microsoft Edge is pretending to be NordVPN with this new feature

Often, free VPNs are of poor quality and store certain browsing data to resell to third party companies, which is clearly not the purpose of using such a service. Microsoft promises not to do such a thing. So what is the limit of this VPN that does not say its name?
Very simple: Microsoft only restricts the free Edge Secure Network 1 GB encrypted data per month. For people who use the Internet on a daily basis and want to download files, for example, discreetly, this is very little.

At the moment it is not yet possible to activate Edge Secure Network in the Microsoft browser : If the company explains the procedure to be followed on its help page, we can assume that the latter is an upcoming update of the browser. It’s a safe bet that its activation will be accompanied by a paid plan to keep using it beyond the gigabyte on offer : Now it remains to be seen whether the proposal will be competitive with the offering of well-known VPNs in the market.

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