Canadians: Drouin will be ready for camp

Jonathan Drouin had to end his 2021/22 season due to a right wrist operation. The Quebec forward has no doubt that he will be ready for the next training camp.

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Jonathan Drouin looked good in his own skin this Saturday.

Photo Martin Alari

Jonathan Drouin looked good in his own skin this Saturday.

“Convalescence takes 8 to 12 weeks,” explained Drouin. I will be able to train before July. In a few weeks I will be able to do exercises with my wrist. »

He seemed relaxed during his presence in front of the journalists. He seemed to be feeling fine.

“I’m doing very well. I have resources now and I have people to support me. Those are things I didn’t have before. Like my injury and my surgery, it’s not something I control.

“It’s not my fault if my wrist gives out during a game. »

Above all, he will apply advice that Guy Lafleur has given him on several occasions.

“It always came down to the same thing with Guy. He always told me that it was a game and that I should enjoy hockey. »

things to prove

In analyzing Drouin’s campaign, one important thing should be remembered. He only played two games under Martin St-Louis after the latter was appointed head coach.

“It’s definitely disappointing. Also, I played those two games with a bad wrist,” he explained. We then decided to have another surgery. »

He knows very well that he has to prove himself in the next training camp.

“The team is going in the right direction with new people and young players. I want to prove that I still have my place and can be part of the team.

“Looking back on the last year, I feel even more comfortable in Montreal. Whether it’s the injuries or the media, those are things I can’t control. I’m better prepared than I used to be. »

He likes the approach of Martin St-Louis who wants his players to use their instincts on the ice.

“I can’t wait to get into it. It’s one of the first things [dont] He spoke to us when he first met. It is important for him to use his talent and intelligence from the red line. »

achievable goal

Injuries have thwarted Drouin for the past three seasons. He only played a total of 105 games. He hopes the sequel will be more fruitful.

“It wasn’t easy because you’re not really in the team. They do not attend all team meetings. You don’t travel with your teammates and you don’t play games.

“Next year my goal is to play 82 games. I know that hasn’t happened very often in my career. »

If Drouin returns in good form, he could take the pressure off the likes of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield.

Most notably, he could allow St-Louis to have two lines that can regularly cause offense. It would be a step forward.

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