A dangerous prisoner and his law enforcement officer mysteriously disappeared

Alabama police are on the hunt for a killer and his correctional officer, both of whom disappeared Friday following a possible escape plan.

Vicki White, assistant director of Lauderdale County Corrections, released Casey White from prison on Friday for a so-called psychological evaluation.

The inmate was sentenced to 75 years in prison in 2015 for a series of crimes including home burglary, car theft and police pursuit. He was also awaiting trial for a murder he allegedly confessed to in 2020 but to which he pleaded not guilty.

While in detention, Casey White had also planned an escape and a hostage situation, but his plan was foiled by authorities. Since then, the inmate has been subject to increased surveillance and has to be accompanied by at least two law enforcement officers on his excursions.

Despite this, Constable Vicki White walked out alone with the prisoner on Friday. En route to a psychological evaluation of the inmate, Ms White reportedly felt unwell and dropped Casey White off at the courthouse before seeking medical attention.

However, the authorities later found that no request for a psychological report had been made for the detainee. For her part, Vicki White never made it to the clinic, where she said she would seek treatment.

The police tried to reach the correctional officer, but her cell phone was switched off. She and the inmate are now nowhere to be found.

All scenarios are being investigated by the investigators, including that the correctional officer would have helped the inmate to escape.

“With what we know about the prisoner, I believe she is in danger regardless of the circumstances,” said Rick Singleton, Lauderdale County Sheriff.

One thing is for sure, prison authorities are baffled by the behavior of Vicki White, who has strayed from policy by choosing to date the dangerous prisoner alone.

However, the prison officer is described by her superiors as a “model employee”. She was in office for almost 20 years.

“All of her staff, sheriff’s clerks and judges hold her in high esteem,” Rick Singleton said.

As for the occupant, Casey White is 2.05 meters tall. The police who are looking for him assume that he may be armed since the agent Vicki White had her service weapon with her.

A $10,000 reward is being offered for any information that could help catch the fugitive inmate.

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