The Canadian’s captain will be present at Guy Lafleur’s funeral

The Shea Weber saga continued yesterday at the team review. The Canadian’s captain did not speak to the media but confirmed his presence at Guy Lafleur’s funeral.

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In recent days, the silence of the defense attorney and the absence of Guy Lafleur’s tribute have provoked several reactions within the journalistic fraternity. To a certain extent, Weber defended his general manager Kent Hughes.

“We know Shea has received a lot of criticism for his absence,” Hughes said when asked about his captaincy. On the other hand, Jeff Gorton and I also missed the tribute to Guy Lafleur because we were in Germany (U18 tournament).

“Shea’s situation is complex. There are several technical aspects, particularly in relation to insurance. We don’t have the freedom to talk about it.”

From the beginning of the season to the end of the season, Weber was conspicuous by his absence from the team. He met his teammates when they were on the west coast.

During the team’s visit to Seattle, he notably attended an NFL game with some teammates.

Weber did not address the media yesterday despite showing up for medical tests at the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard. It’s no surprise. Nobody fell off their chair.

That’s why he hasn’t given an interview to journalists from Montreal since July 7, the last game of the Stanley Cup finals in Tampa Bay.

Kent Hughes tried to explain why Weber doesn’t want to go to the media.

“He doesn’t feel comfortable answering questions. He’s afraid to say too much about his situation, Hughes said. He doesn’t want to be placed in that context.

“I respect his decision. I want to make it clear that this is not a lack of respect for the fans and the media.

However, Hughes has confirmed his captain will be present at Guy Lafleur’s national funeral, which is set to take place over the next three days. On the other hand, he did not indicate whether the organization had asked him to do so.

It’s logic. Last I heard, even though Weber didn’t play a single game in the 2021-2022 season, he’s still captain of the Habs. Another absence from him would have been an affront to the organization of the Canadian and his supporters.

“At first, his presence came as a surprise to Pierre Gervais,” said Hughes. We wanted the first and last captain in Pierre’s years to be at his last game.

“Then he decided to extend his stay to attend Lafleur’s funeral.”

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