Snapchat announces new augmented reality tools – image

The Snapchat platform unveiled a number of new features during its annual Snap Partner Summit. Snap also announced that its platform now has more than 600 million monthly users and more than 332 million daily active users worldwide. Notably, Snap introduced the Lens Cloud, a set of freely available services that extend what developers can build in AR: storage services, location services, and multi-user services. Lens Studio will soon offer the Ray Tracing function, which can be used to display AR elements even more realistically. It will be possible to highlight the reflections of elements in augmented reality in a way more real than life, the platform said.

According to Snapchat, as of January 2021, more than 250 million Snapchatters have used Augmented Reality Shopping Lenses more than 5 billion times. Snapchatters mainly use augmented reality to try on their outfits. Zenni Optical AR lenses have been tried over 60 million times by Snapchatters. “Lenses using this technology generated a 42% higher return on ad spend than lenses without it,” claimed Snap, which showcased Snap 3D Asset Manager. With this feature, businesses can create augmented reality shopping experiences faster and easier. Brands can now request, manage and optimize 3D models for all products in their catalogue. It’s now possible to create Shopping Lenses in seconds and at no extra cost. “Brands can use Snap’s size prediction technology to create high-converting try-on experiences while ensuring minimal returns.”

The platform is also launching a new type of lens that lets you try on outfits without ever having to change, “Dress Up.” The feature brings together in one place the best of fashion and AR try-on (augmented reality try-on) from fashion designers, retailers and brands. Accessible via Lens Explorer or soon via the Snap camera in the AR bar, Dress Up invites people around the world to browse, discover and share new looks. As well as the launch of Camera Kit for AR Shopping, which offers a new way for business partners to bring the best of Snap Camera for AR Try-on directly from their website or their own apps. Camera Kit for AR Shopping is an AR SDK (Software Development Kit) for embedding Snap Lenses into product pages of brands and retailers to enhance their customers’ online shopping experience. Camera Kit for AR Shopping works on Android and iOS and soon on websites.

Snap also announced a multi-year partnership with Live Nation that will take performances beyond the stage and “create a closer connection between artists and fans through immersive, personalized AR experiences only available on Snapchat.” From Lollapalooza in Chicago to Wireless Festival in London, Rolling Loud in Miami and The Governors Ball in New York, Snap AR is transforming and immersing festivals, starting with Electric Daisy Carnival in May 2022.

In terms of gaming, Snap announced a new feature that will allow developers to add social experiences to Minis. to create small social experiences in Snapchat. The platform launches dual-mode editing tools, for example to use the front and rear cameras simultaneously to capture a 360° perspective. Finally, Snapchat introduced a flying camera called Pixy that works autonomously, without a remote control and without installation. It flies a few meters above the user and takes photos and videos and comes to rest on his hand after his flight. Everything it captures is automatically downloaded to Snapchat Memories. Pixy is only available in the US and France while supplies last.

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