Little girl from Granby: The mother and grandmother are going to sue the DPJ

Three years after the tragic death of the little girl from Granby, a colossal lawsuit is being filed against the authorities by her mother and paternal grandmother.

The Youth Welfare Office (DPJ), interest groups and the Val-des-Cerfs school service center will be affected by this lawsuit.

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On April 29, 2019, a seven-year-old girl was found lifeless on the floor of her bedroom in Granby, bound and abandoned by her stepmother and father. The next day, his death was declared in hospital, sparking a wave of anger and sadness across Quebec.

Arrested by the police shortly after the events, the child’s stepmother and father have finally been brought to justice in recent months.

In December 2021, a jury found the stepmother guilty of first degree murder and violent incarceration. A few days later, the father pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of compulsory arrest.

However, the girl’s mother and paternal grandmother are convinced that the two people brought to justice are not the only ones responsible for her death.

For this reason, they have given Me Valérie Assouline the mandate to prosecute in civil proceedings those they consider to have failed in their duty.

TVA Nouvelles has learned that this lawsuit will be officially filed in the coming days. In addition to the DPJ, interest groups and the Val-des-Cerfs school service center are addressed personally.

The lawyer representing the girl’s mother and grandmother confirmed this information, but at the moment is avoiding specifying the amount being claimed. She speaks of an “exemplary amount”.

“People need to know that the DPJ isn’t perfect (…) There are so many things they didn’t do right. And it goes on. It caused some drama in 2019, but after that there was still a lot of drama about negligence because of the DPJ. It is high time that the DPJ took responsibility for its actions,” said the girl’s paternal grandmother in an interview with Mario Dumont.

“The day-to-day workers, they saw this kid. Everyone missed it, it’s unacceptable,” Me Assouline believes.

The trial will also deal with the fact that the girl’s paternal grandmother raised the alarm at the Commission for the Rights of Person and Youth in 2015, four years before the tragedy.

Remember earlier in the week the mother of the two young boys was killed during a family tragedy in October 2020 at a residence in Wendake formal notification of $2 million to the Direction de la Protection de la Jeunesse and the Department of Health and Social Care. This file is also maintained by Me Assouline.

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