JIM.fr – Direct May 1: 58% of Americans had Covid

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4pm – 58% of Americans had Covid

A CDC study (Centers for Disease Control) using 45,810 blood samples shows that at the end of February 2022, 57.7% of United States residents were seropositive for SARS-CoV-2 (antibodies induced by infection). A share that exploded with the emergence of the Omicron variant as it surged from 33.5% to 57.7% between early December and late February. As of February 2022, approximately 75% of children and adolescents had serological evidence of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection, with approximately one third becoming HIV positive between December 2021 and February 2022.

3 p.m. – Hong Kong: don’t want to” cruel captivity

” NOTWe will not restrict the country and cities as cruelly as China Hong Kong Premier Su Tseng-chang told reporters ahead of a government meeting on pandemic prevention.
Countries around the world have reopened to live with the virus. Taiwan (…) will continue to move toward (the ability to live normally) and gradually enter a new phase of epidemic prevention said the politician.

2pm – An update on the situation in France

According to data from Public Health France, stopped on the evening of April 21, we count:
• 49,482 new cases of Covid-19 (vs. 80,571, -38.6% in 7 days)
• 23,302 people hospitalized for Covid-19 (vs. 25,480 on April 24)
• 1,562 people hospitalized in critical care (up from 1,636 on April 24)
• 777 deaths during the week (up from 743 last week)
• 145,930 deaths since the epidemic began (64,780 in 2020, 58,961 in 2021, 22,189 in 2022)

1 p.m. – An update on the situation in the world

According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, 513,526,626 cases of Covid have been identified worldwide since the pandemic began, contributing to 6,235,712 deaths. In the last four weeks, the countries hardest hit by Covid were South Korea (3,401,433), Germany (3,256,290) and France (2,751,555) and the United States (11,776) and the United Kingdom (9,384) and Russia ( 6.311).

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