“I feel a little better…”

Celine Dion has been feeling “slightly better” since being forced to rest due to persistent muscle cramps last fall. The singer first gave her health update in a video on Friday that put many of her fans at ease.

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“The good news is that I still feel a little bit better. But it certainly doesn’t go fast enough and that’s super frustrating for me. My doctors are following me and I’m being treated, but I still have muscle spasms,” the singer said in a three-minute video posted online this morning.

However, the 54-year-old singer and her team have made the decision to postpone the European leg of their tour. courage until 2023. It was originally supposed to start next month.

“It’s taking a lot longer than I thought to recover, but I need to be in good shape and health to be able to give 100% of myself on stage because that’s what you deserve,” says Celine Dion.

A “strong” Celine

It was the first time the singer shared the news of her condition via video herself since announcing her muscle spasm disorder last fall.

Styled, made up, eloquent and with a pretty solid look, Celine Dion, who addresses her fans in this new video, seems miles away from the image conveyed by some French media this winter. The magazine Paris match had then caused an outcry by posting unflattering photos of Charlemagne’s diva, which he unknowingly drew while visiting the dentist with his sons Nelson and Eddy, 11.

That publication had quickly fanned the embers of a veritable media outbreak across Europe, headlines filled with alarming – and misleading – headlines that have been flooding the internet ever since.

Celine Dion’s new video came to placate fans. “Brave,” “strong,” and “bright” are just a few of the qualifiers repeatedly used by its subscribers to describe it as we see it today. These comments — like tokens of love and wishes for a speedy recovery — quickly began to appear by the dozens, both on the singer’s official social networks and on her YouTube channel.

Unwavering support

Celine Dion also took the time to thank her fans for their unwavering support for several months.

“I’m doing my best to get back in shape as soon as possible. And know that the many messages of love and support you are sending me are part of my medical treatment. It helps me tremendously. Thank you for all this love,” explains Celine Dion.

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His concerts in Europe postponed

Celine Dion

Celine Dion fans across the Atlantic still have to be patient: the singer is postponing the European part of her tour to 2023 couragewhich should start next month.

“I’m so sorry, I’m sad to have to postpone the shows again,” Celine Dion said in a video posted online Friday morning.

“The first time was obviously because of the pandemic. And this time it’s my health that’s forcing me to postpone the shows of the European tour and unfortunately cancel some others,” the singer continues, visibly touched.

serial reports

Celine Dion indefinitely postponed her new Las Vegas residency last October due to “severe and persistent muscle cramps.” Then, in January, the ax fell on the North American leg of his tour. courageoriginally planned for March and April.

The singer, who is due in England on May 25 for her big return to the stage, will finally make her fans wait even longer. The next concert on Celine Dion’s schedule is now on February 24, 2023 in Prague. No new date has been announced for his stay in Vice City.

In total, a little more than 80 concerts have been canceled or postponed by the singer in the past six months.

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